What is a Good Adult Acne Treatment?

My friend asked me about a good adult acne treatment the other day. She has recently just developed acne. She never had any acne as a teenager. She is 29 years old now and this is the first year she has ever had any acne at all and she is really frustrated, sad, embarrassed, and freaked out by it. She doesn't understand how it could all of the sudden just happen to her.

I remember I always thought she had such beautiful skin. It was always so smooth and blemish free. I was still battling with acne daily back in those days, and sometimes I found myself jealous. In college we used to go out and party pretty often, she would fall asleep most nights with a full face of makeup on. Sometimes I would fall asleep with makeup on too, but most nights I would remove my makeup and do my nightly routine. She told me she had no nightly routine, she just basically used soap in the shower and that was it. I was always astonished when she would always wake up with never a zit of any kind.

Now all of the sudden she is getting the huge cystic acne on her cheeks and chin. Yup, pretty much hormonal acne. She doesn't understand why she is getting the cystic acne now and I told her, the skin changes as we age. It happens. Some people just never get acne and then BAM, they get adult acne.

When my friend and her two little girls came over for a slumber party the other night, I asked her what she was using on her face. She said just St. Ives Apricots Scrub. I said that is great, many people love that stuff. Exfoliating your skin is very important to keep the pores clear. She told me she doesn't have time to research what to use and she was so frustrated about her acne. Researching about adult acne treatments can be very time-consuming and overwhelming, since there are so many skincare products out there. I told her about a few things that have worked to clear up my cystic acne in the past.

Two Great Adult Acne Treatments:

Alpha Hydrox 10% glycolic alpha hydroxyl acid and Eau Thermale Avene ystheal lotion are the two beauty products that finally got rid of my acne. I told her about both of the treatments for cystic acne. I even had some of the Alpha Hydrox gel left in the tube, so I gave her the rest of it to test out. I really hope it clears her skin. Everybody's skin is different, but you never know, it might work. I hope it does, she is going through tough times right now, and really doesn't deserve acne, of course no one does. Now stress doesn't cause acne, but it does aggravate it, however I don't think that is necessarily the only trigger for her acne. Her skin is just changing as she ages.

Now the Eau Thermale Avene ystheal lotion is around $30 and the Alpha Hydrox product is about $10. The Avene product is more expensive, but I really love this Avene product. Not only does it clear my acne, it is an anti aging treatment as well. That's two skincare bonuses in one product, can't beat it!

I finally discovered that my skin loves to be exfoliated. Exfoliation rejuvenates the skin. I used manual scrubs in the past, but they only irritated my oily, acne prone skin. When I used chemical exfoliation, which was gentler on my skin, the acne finally stayed away. I talked about the differences between chemical and manual exfoliation in the past. Granted I do get the occasional one pimple, but that is rare. The Alpha Hydrox product and the Avene product both exfoliate the skin, so you can pick your weapon or use both products. I no longer use the Alpha Hydrox product, but that is only because my skin no longer needs it. I used both for a couple years, I just don't use it anymore. I thought I should mention that as a disclaimer. I like to simplify my skincare routine, and the Avene ystheal lotion is all I need for my adult acne treatment right now.

What kind of adult acne treatments have worked well for your skin?