Granted Clear Skin

Are there days when you have perfectly clear skin, free from blemishes? I still have a few little post acne marks left over from past acne. However, there are days when I do not have a single pimple.

Since, I was around 12 years old I cannot remember a day where I did not have a least one pimple. It was not until these last couple years where I have enjoyed the experience of completely clear skin. I do still get pimples some days now, but my face is not covered.

Have you experience clear skin before? I know some people have naturally clear skin and hardly ever get one pimple. Do they take their clear skin for granted, I bet they do sometimes. I am happy that they have been blessed with such great skin. And I know that I am happy to have one day of clear skin, I do not take it for granted and hope I never do.

However, be happy everyday with whatever skin you have at that moment, because it could always be worst.

Here’s to a day of clear beautiful skin!

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