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Spot On, Spot Off, with Bleaching Creams!

Hydroquinone is a bleaching cream for skin that I have heard works pretty fast, even in as little as two weeks! Hydroquinone stops the production of melanin, which the sun causes. So this stuff should work. However, you have to be careful with Hydroquinone cream, it should be applied only to the spots with a q=tip. And you have to wear sunscreen with Hydroquinone! Remember 1/4 teaspoon for your face! You do not want a rebound of the pigmentation!

There are prescription strength products with 4% hydroquinone and there are over-the-counter products with 2% hydroquinone. There are also lower over-the-counter products, but look for the 2% level.

There are mixed reviews about Hydroquinone. Exogenous Ochronosis is a very rare side effect, meaning that your skin will darken instead of lighten. Ochronosis is from long-term use with a very high level of hydroquinone and it mostly occurs in people with darker skin. So if you do not see fading, then you should quit the use of Hydroquinone after 4-6months. Remember ochronosis is extremely rare and is linked with daily applications of the entire face for 20-30 years! Also, hydroquinone has been linked to cause mutations in hamsters and cancer in rats. So this is why hydroquinone has been baned in Europe and South Africa.

Now, Hydroquinone has been used on millions of people and there has not been one person reported to have cancer or mutations from the high level 4% ingredient hydroquinone. And that's over the high potency, so the over-the-counter 2% sounds even more safe.

The most important thing, is to follow the directions! Hydroquinone is not meant to be used for prolong periods of time, it is recommended by many to stop use after 6 months. So I would use it for three months and then stop for a month or so, then start the routine back up again if need be, until the desired results are achieved. If you do not get the results you want, try lasers or high peels in a doctors office. Some people just do not respond to bleaching creams.

The products should also be stored in a tube rather than a jar, because
hydroquinone needs to be stable and may turn brown and oxidize if exposed to the air.

NeoStrata makes a 2% Hydroquinone Skin Lightening Gel for around $34, that I have heard very good reviews on!

Black And White Bleaching Cream with Hydroquinone has the 2% level too, and it is only $5!

So you know me, this is the one I would try first!
Love the beauty skincare bargains!