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Buy Avene Online!

I received a very nice email recently from a reader. She said that she was just informed by Long Drugs that they will not be carrying Avene skincare products anymore! This Long Drugs store is located in San Ramon, CA. I do not know if the other certain Long drugstores will stop carrying Avene products. Better check out Longs to see if Avene will be on sale!

Avene products were bought up in many CVS drugstores too. If you go to the Avene website you can buy online or look for a store located near you.

Connie your fellow Femme Facade reader was nice enough to let us know that she bought some Avene products at, with free shipping and cheaper than! She also said that the Avene cold cream helps keep her daughter’s eczema in a manageable state. So if any of you have eczema you might want to see if it works for you!

Thank You Connie!

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Anti-Aging Treatments for 50 Years Young!

What is the best anti-aging treatment for ladies who are 50 years young?

Well of course it really comes down to what works for you. Lasers, botox, and plastic surgery of course work the best, because they are the most extreme. I would definitely go for lasers and botox before plastic surgery, because that is all you may need.

I have not research much on lasers and botox, because well I do not need to get it done right now, so when the time comes if I choose, I will deeply research it and get recommendations. Botox sounds cool and not very expensive, even though you do have to get it done every three months. And it is amazing how technology just gets better and better. If you want me to research something specific for you let me know.

As for a topical anti-aging treatment. Prescriptions of Retin-A works the best if your skin can tolerate it. Retin-A has been scientifically proven to work over and over again. Prescription are the strongest formulations you can get.

If you do not want to get a prescription. Then of course I recommend Eau Thermale Avene as I have talked about in many other posts. There are many different formulations of retrinal over the counter and you want to make sure to get the strongest one. Avene’s formulation of retrinal is stronger than other retinol formulations.

Then just make sure to wear the highest UVA/UVB broad spectrum sunscreen that your skin tolerates. If you are afraid to use one of these treatments because they make you more photosensitive to the sun then reapply your sunscreen. Even the best sunscreen will not protect you all day, but if you apply sunscreen in the morning, at lunch, and before you commute home then you should be plenty protected!

Talk to your dermatologist about it if you are really worried. And if you are that worried than perhaps these types of anti-aging treatments are not for you. A good sunscreen after all is the best anti-aging treatment you can do for you skin. Perhaps just a good sunscreen and a nice antioxidant serum is what you need.

I hope all of you beautiful wise ladies find an anti-aging treatment that works for you. And please share any beauty tips you have learned with me.

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Don't leave U.S. Avene!

CVS is discontinuing the Avene line at their stores! It's not even online anymore either!

This is terrible news! As you know I love Avene! It's the most potent anti-aging skincare product that you can buy over the counter!

I don't know why they are canceling it. I guess not enough people bought it. I think it is because many people just go into the store and buy whatever the new anti-aging product out there is! I use to do it! But now I research everything on the Internet and read all the reviews before I buy.

Advertising gets to you, everybody wants the newest next miracle product!

Ingredients come first as always. Researching out the products has helped me save so much money over all!

Fortunately, there is some good news. I looked up the store locater on the Avene website and they are still selling their skincare products in 5 states in the U.S. So if you are in one of the lucky states, then you are in luck!

Lucky me, California, is one of the states! They now sell them at Longs Drug stores!
I am going to have to check out this certain Longs Drugs store, it's a lot further away from me than the CVS is, but hey, I am NOT complaining! Don't mean to brag you all! I was just so heartbroken and I am so happy that they are carrying at Longs now.

And don't worry you can still order Avene skincare products at! So there is hope for everybody! You can also order Avene products from Amazon! I have not talked about this Retrianl .05% cream yet, but it is stronger than the Ystheal lotion! So it may be my next step when I am ready to move up to stronger anti-wrinkle treatments! It will be a few years before that happens.

Let me know what you all think of the Avene skincare products!? I love Avene and am glad I am getting my money's worth!

Aging Gracefully - It's Smile Time! Anti Aging Products Review

This is my final post of the anti aging products batch of posts. Retinoids really do help prevent wrinkles from forming. They can give you youthful, supple, and smooth skin. There are a few things you should know when you using retinoids. Read on to find out if your skincare routine is right for you and your retinoid anti aging treatments. 

When using Retinoid products, you should put them on twenty minutes after you wash your face. This gives time for your skin’s pH to come back down after washing. Or if you have a cleanser and toner with the correct pH, then that will balance your skin, so you can put on the retinoid right away. If not, then it is important to wait, because the least irritation to your skin the better.

I will talk more the importance of products with proper pH balance.

Now if you have dry skin you can use an moisturizer to rectify the dryness that retinoids may cause. Or your skin may just need the extra moisture. Watch your skin and give it what it needs. However, after you put on the retinoid you should wait twenty minutes or as long as you can before you put on moisturizer.
If the moisturizer is put on right after, then it will interfere with the retinol and it’s effectiveness.

For oily skin you really do not need a moisturizer, a facial sunscreen in the morning is enough! You have to wear a sunscreen when using Retinal anti aging skincare products, they make the skin more photosensitive to the sun. Okay, I know enough with the sunscreen, but that is why I said to find the right sunscreen and then bring the retinoids on.

Avene retinaldehyde anti aging facial products are not just great for anti-aging, they really helped clear up my acne too! I mean I had terrible hormonal cysts all along my chin that would not go away for years! Avene's Retinaldehyde cleared it up so fast. And if I do get a blemish on my chin now it is a pimple, not a cyst and it will go away in a couple of days instead of a week, which is how long cysts/pimples took before.
So if you have acne then give the Avene retinaldehyde products for anti aging a shot! They might work for you too and then you get a mult-purpose product, which will prevent wrinkles and acne.

I mean I have tried almost every acne treatment out there and this one finally works. Plus, they say to start using an anti wrinkle cream in your late twenties or early thirties. They say it is easier to prevent wrinkles.

I hope you have enjoy all my past posts about retinoids, retinaldehyde, retin-A, retinol, retinal, or vitamin A anti aging wrinkle products. Whatever you want to call it, Vitamin A gives you clear, smooth, supple skin. Smooth out fine lines and prevent new ones from forming. Taking care of your skin is very important to aging gracefully. And learning what works for your skin, by reading and testing, is the right way to do it! Now go smile and laugh a lot today, that is the real key to staying young, besides all these wonderful anti aging products

Aging Gracefully - Secrets Still Continued - Anti Aging Products

Time for more talk about Avene's anti aging products! The best part is Avene products are pretty reasonably priced, well compared to the expensive products in department stores, that may not even work! Ystheal facial lotion is only $32 and can be found at many CVS drug stores! Check it out on online to see if your local store carries it, not all do, or you can buy it right online. If you joined the CVS club you will get coupons and cash back. They also have a $4 off of $20 coupon a lot too! Of, course you should check out Amazon as well. 

Now $32 really is a great deal! One bottle lasts for about 6 months! All you need is a pea-size drop for your whole face. And I mean pea-size. This stuff is strong.

Also you must start out slowly. Use it three times a week and then move up to four times a week, then every other day and then every day, if your skin can handle it. Retinaldehyde a form of Vitamin A will make your skin purge (causing little pimples). And your skin may become dry and flaky for the first couple weeks, this means the anti aging skincare product is working though. The Retinaldehyde is turning over your skin's dead cells. Isn’t it great to know that the anti aging product is working and is strong enough to do something!? So if you started applying it everyday right off, your skin will really flake and get irritated, the skin adjusts gradually to Retinoids. Make sure to watch your skin, and treat it accordingly. 

Also if your skin never stops flaking, then Retinaldehyde anti aging beauty products may be too strong for your skin. Then you can move down to retinol and work your way up or try different anti aging facial products out there like antioxidants (more on these soon). Some good retinol products are from the Neutrogena and Roc skincare lines. I will post even more about Retinoid anti aging products in my next post as well, so stay tuned!

Aging Gracefully - Secrets Continued - Anti Aging Products

Retinoids anti aging products are some of the best wrinkle fighting products out there! There are actually different names for Retinoids, which can tell you their level of potency. First of all there’s retinol which is what’s in most of the over the counter anti aging facial products now.

And really retinol is not strong enough to do anything!

Retin-A is the strongest retinoid that you can buy and you have to have a prescription.

Retinaldehyde is the level that Avene produces and again it is the strongest you can buy without a prescription! In the U.S. you can buy two different types or strengths of Avene’s Retinaldehyde anti aging skincare products. Ystheal + Emulsion lotion for normal to combo skin. They do not have one out yet for oily skin, but this is the one that works for my very oily acne prone skin! There is also an Ystheal cream and Eluage Retinaldehyde cream for dry skin. The Eluage has Hyaluronic Acid in it as well, so it enhances the Retinaldehyde! Therefore, the Eluage is the more potent anti aging wrinkle cream. To go with the Eluage Retinaldehyde cream, is a Eluage firming gel, that can be applied to only the deep lines and wrinkles and not the entire face.

As a beginner or a women in the mid twenties, I would start off with Ystheal, it’s more gentle. Starting off with the Eluage can lead to irritation. If you wish, after a few years you can move up to the Eluage, but I would hold off until your forties/fifties or get a prescription depending on your budget and desire. (Remember Retinoids can NOT be used while pregnant.)

I have heard it really is best to start with anti aging beauty products in your twenties or thirties.
Preventing is easier than erasing. So you want to prevent the aging for as long as possible.

(I will talk more about Avene's anti aging products and how to apply it properly in my next post!)

Aging Gracefully - The Secrets - Anti Aging Products Review

It is time for talk about Anti-aging products!

Everybody wants to know what the best anti aging facial products out there are! Wrinkle creams are so popular right now. Well, the most important thing though, is to focus on enjoying life and being with love ones. That is key. However, we should all try to find the best products for us and age as gracefully as we can! :)

Well, once again you have to look at the ingredients to find the most potent anti-aging product that is right for you! You cannot just read the front with all the great claims. Often times skin care companies will put just a little bit of the ingredient in their product, not even enough to really do anything! Yet they can claim it works miracles on the front of their anti aging beauty products!

So you have to check the ingredients and make sure the ingredient that you want is up high on the list!

After researching a lot on the internet and visiting beauty boards. The first best
product to help you age gracefully is sunscreen of course. And the best anti aging skincare products are with vitamin A or Retinoid! Retinoid is an anti-aging ingredient that doctors have announced have scientific proof that really works! Eau Thermale Avene! Eau Thermale Avene is the best company. This skin care company is from France and have recently come into the United States. Avene has the highest potent retinoid products that you can buy over the counter!

Oh, and one more thing. Try not to worry so much in life. (it causes aging...hehe) There's more to come about retinoids! Click the link for my next post on the best anti aging products from Avene!)