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Toner Skincare Product

Do you use a toner product to refresh your skin?

I stopped using a toner months ago and have never looked back. I have found that my skin does not need them. So once less skincare product to buy! :)

If you do use a toner, gentle is usually best. I use to like Neutrogena’s ones, Nivea moisturizing ones, or witch hazel. Toners with no alcohol are the least irritating. And I have oily acne prone skin. Medicated ones full of alcohol are not always needed for my type of skin types. Often times using a medicated toner and acne medication afterwards can be too much.

It took me a long time to realize I did not need a medicated toner and then a long time to realize I did not need any toner!

Is it time to check your toner skincare product needs?

Change Pillowcases Often for Less Acne

Is it sleepy time?

Don’t forget to change your pillowcase. Pillowcases can harbor bacteria, dirt, dust, and facial oils. And rubbing your face up against it for about 8 hours may cause more acne.

Change your pillow case every few days. I flip my pillow over and use the other side one night. And then change my pillow case the next night.

Putting your hair up in a bun or a braid may keep your hair from touching your face causing more oil and acne as well.

Try to sleep on your back too, that will keep your face from be smashed against the pillow so much. I am a side and stomach sleeper so this is an extremely hard task to conquer, but I am trying.
I have found that sleeping with your arms over your head helps you from turning side to side. I have also heard that sleeping between two pillows at shoulder level help too. Not only will sleeping on your back help you to stay more acne free it will help you to stay more wrinkle free too!

Sweet Dreams Tonight

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