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Chemical vs. Manual Exfoliants Facial Mask

I thought I would elaborate more on the Alba Botanica Papaya Enzyme facial mask that I mentioned in the Sulfur post.

Enzymes gently exfoliate off the dead skin. Exfoliating is an important part of one’s skin care regime. I always thought that exfoliating meant using a scrub. Scrubs never helped my skin and only made my skin worse. Yet, chemical masks are more gentle than the abrasive manual scrubs. So if you don’t like exfoliating, try exfoliating with a gentle chemical exfoliant! And don’t let the word chemical scare you either! It's just a way of saying NOT manual.

Alba’s mask is full of juices. Juices naturally have enzymes in them. Each juice contains different enzymes, which perform different functions.

This Papaya Enzyme facial mask is really good for oily skin and it really helps to eliminate spots fast, ranging from acne pigmentation marks to sun spots. It really was surprising how fast this mask worked for me in a couple of weeks! I used this mask every other day and my red marks just faded and faded. Make sure your skin tolerates this frequency though, since most mask are used only once a week. But I found this mask to be pretty gentle. Alba's mask exfoliates the outer layer of your skin and it does tingle a bit, that means it is working!

Now as I've said before, I really am not an all natural gal, but if something works then use it! I just think that a short ingredient list is best. Many natural companies add a lot of unnecessary extracts and such, just because Natural is so popular right now! Yet, this mask does work for me and many others, it gets great reviews! So try it out for around $11 at health food stores and some Ulta stores!

Hope it works for you!

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