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Peels for Smooth Beautiful Skin

Peels are great to conquer discolored hyper pigmentation skin caused from post acne marks, sun spots, age spots… If you have tried using retinoid products, Alpha Hydroxy Acid drugstore products, and a high sunscreen and you are still not getting the results you want then a peel may be for you.

You can go to a spa or a doctor and receive a peel, which probably is best, because they usually know what they are doing. However, if you cannot afford it, then buy a peel from a highly referred site like (MUAC).

Beware, if you are going to do a peel yourself, start off Slowly! Do not leave the peel on longer than the directions say. And start off with a low percentage, such as 30% and work your way up. The day before your peel, stop retinoids and AHA/exfoliation products. Many people like the glycolic, lactic and TCA peels. Lactic peels are the gentlest of the peels, so you may want to start off with that one.

I have never done a strong peel, so read all reviews, but realize your mileage will vary. Check out for some more tips. One girl said be careful following the directions of MUAC. Peels will continue to work, so make sure you fully remove all of it. After you rinse, your face will be red, but it should not be red the next day. You must neutralize the acid peel, baking soda and water will work as mentioned by MUAC, but be careful with anti-bacterial ointments. If you did the peel correctly you will have no broken skin, thus you will not need an ointment on closed skin.

You skin will peel, which is what you want. Use a good moisturize to hydrate. Do not use peels too often, you could strip your skin and make problems worse. Remember to keep using a good uvb/uva sunscreen everyday rain or shine, otherwise the pigmentation will return.

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