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Be Spot Off with the Right Ingrediants for Sun Spots!

Sunspots, pigmentation, brown spots, freckles, skin discoloration. They are all the same thing, which are often caused by the sun. Acne can leave pigmentation marks too.

Lasers can be effective and the fastest, but very expensive! And often the lighter spots take many treatments to fade away and may not even go away! The darker the spot the easier it is for the laser to remove it. Research a lot and find a good doctor, because I do not know much about lasers. If you beautiful Damsels out there really want to get laser surgery, then let me know and I'll help you research.

I would try topical treatments first and if you do not get the desired affect then you can try the lasers.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids work well in fading spots, but can take awhile, depending on the serverity of your spots. There are even strong AHA peels that you can buy to do at home that come in the 40% range! You should work your way up when using these high peels and be careful, make sure to follow the directions to a "T." Spas and doctors will also perform these high peels as well. Retinoids also help in fading spots, but they take even longer, a couple of years. Stable Vitamin C serums may help fade sun spots, but they too take awhile. (I will get more into Vitamin C soon)

Hydroquinone cream is one of the most commonly skin bleaching ingredients used in the U.S.

Tomorrow I will post all about Hydroquinone cream and it's mixed reviews in the U.S., across the world, and of course what I think!:)