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Green and Natural Skincare Products

Green and natural skincare products are becoming more and more popular. Especially, with the “man-made global warming."
Now, I am all for protecting the earth and natural ingredients, but a product has to work. And not all natural skincare products work. And not all of the natural ingredients are safe, many do not all go through the rigorous testing as chemical ingredients do.

Well, California and the California Environmental Protection Agency has their final recommendations for the green chemistry legislation. (

  • Expand pollution prevention and product stewardship programs.
  • Develop green chemistry education and training through new and existing programs and partnerships.
  • Create an online product ingredient network to disclose chemical ingredients for products sold in California, while protecting trade secrets.
  • Create an online toxics clearinghouse or online database of chemical toxicity and hazards populated with the guidance of a Green Ribbon Science Panel to help prioritize chemicals of concern and data needs.
  • Accelerate the quest for safer products, creating a systematic, science-based process to evaluate chemicals of concern and alternatives to ensure product safety and reduce or eliminate the need for chemical-by-chemical bans.
  • Move towards a cradle-to-cradle economy, establishing a California Green Products Registry to develop green metrics and tools (e.g. environmental footprint calculators, sustainability indexes) for a range of consumer products and encourage their use by businesses.
"To exercise these new powers in the best interests of consumers, state regulators will have to develop a science-based program to identify chemicals of concern, evaluate them and analyze alternatives.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) claims it is watered down and devoid of substance. 
“We hope we're wrong,” said EWG president Richard Wiles. “But these bills do not establish a human health safety standard or public health goal for chemicals of concern or their prospective substitutes. In fact, they are completely devoid of any tangible commitment to protect the health of the people of California. 

“They provide a statutory shield for chemical companies who want to delay health protections and preserve the status quo while bureaucrats ponder the problem.”' (

Knowing that the ingredients in our skincare products are safe is very important. All of this new regulation sounds very costly though and it sounds like it may hurt the companies and consumers' pocket books. I am for chemical companies too, I think all of the testing that they already do makes a product more safe than some natural ingredients.

And actually there is no such thing as a chemical free skincare product. Did you know that water is a chemical? Yup that is right, so is air. Water is H20 and air is made up of the chemicals nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide. So do not believe a company that tells you they are chemical free, because they are NOT! There is no reason to avoid chemicals at all cost in your products. Many natural companies like to cause fear and panic about chemicals, because that will get you to pay more for a product that may not even work. Plus, we know that the majority of chemical sunscreens have better protection of UVA rays than physical natural sunscreens.

Antioxidants Skincare Anti-Aging Benefits Bomb

Antioxidants are all the rage right now in skincare products, as I have mentioned in previous anti aging post here and another antioxidants post here. Antioxidants are suppose to fight free radicals that cause oxidative damage and aging.

Well a new study has found out that the 50 year old theory on free radicals or superoxide is basically wrong! There is not enough evidence to back it up anymore! Superoxide is not a major cause of aging.

Dr David Gems a researcher at the Institute of Healthy aging at UCL has stated:

“Oxidative damage is clearly not a universal, major driver of the aging process. Other factors, such as chemical reactions involving sugars in our body, clearly play a role."

So all of the skincare products that have antioxidants really do not have much of an affect on the skin. And eating a balance diet is very important for your skin and overall well-being, but there is also no clear evidence that supports dietary antioxidants for anti-aging.

We just still need to learn more about the aging process.

So try to age gracefully as best as you can with a smile on your face!

Anti-Aging Chocolate Ingredient!

Chocolate taste so good and all the antioxidants are so good for you! Be sure to pick up some super dark chocolate during this month and Christmas time.

Eating chocolate also makes you feel good. Chocolate affects the mood and in a positive way. Chocolate contains many vitamins and other substances that affect your endorphins.

Anandamide is one substance in chocolate that acts like marijuana by affecting the same brain receptors giving a very mild high and there are other substances in chocolate, which prolong the good feeling.

The skincare companies are jumping on this feel good feeling for anti-aging skincare products too.

“A nanoemulsions of the cocoa bean extract is the latest ingredient to join Mibelle's skin care portfolio. Anandamide, which binds to the cannabinoid receptors found in the central nervous system, is involved in the reduction of pain, the stimulation of mood and the relaxation of muscles.

However, cannabinoid receptors are not only found in the central nervous system. They have also been identified in the mast cells, hair follicles and nerve cells of the skin leading the company to investigate anadamides potential as a skin care ingredient."

Anything with chocolate I am all for! This sweet ingredient sounds  like a wonderful promising skincare ingredient to me.

Have a Beautiful Thanksgiving Day!

Happy day of Thanksgiving and Prayer!

I hope you all are with loved ones and enjoy lots of turkey today!

Thank God we live in a beautiful nation and for all of our wonderful freedoms! Thank you to the American soldiers who have fought for our freedoms and for the soldiers fighting now!

I am thankful for my readers on my Femme Fa├žade beauty blog. Thank you! And thank God for our freedoms to wear makeup and skincare products. Thank God for the Internet and all of the knowledge we have gained about skincare!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! Gobble, Gobble…

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Use Body Lotion as Facial Cream

All the face creams can be very expensive out there. I have said before that a facial cream is a facial cream. How expensive a cream is does not matter. A facial cream is there to moisturize your skin and nothing more, so there is no use in buying a really expensive one.

Now if you buy facial creams with special anti-aging ingredients then that is different. Of course my favorite retinoid anti-aging products are from Avene, Roc, and Neutrogena. And their products may require an additional regular facial cream if you have dry skin. So any facial cream from the drugstore will do.

You can even use your body lotion to save money. There is nothing wrong with using your body lotion on your face. If it does not break your skin out, then use it! Just make sure there is no fragrance in the lotion that may irritate your skin.

And you may want to be careful using it around your eyes, if it is really thick it may be too much. Using a facial cream around the eyes is not problem if it works for you also. Those little eye cream jars can be just an over priced facial cream. All that matters is what works for you!

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