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My Herbal Essences Picks!

So I have been looking at the ingredients for Herbal Essences’ beauty products, since I am planning a Buycott to boycott the boycott mentioned in yesterday’s post.

There are a few great shampoos that look pretty good. Herbal Essences Color Me Happy for Color treated hair and Drama Clean Refreshing Shampoo. There are not too many harsh sulfates and they are not loaded down with silicones, that often weigh down my fine hair. Now I am not talking about their conditioners, just buy their shampoo, because I think they have too many silicones. Unless your hair loves silicones, it is up to what your hair likes. By the way your shampoo and conditioner do not have to be from the same brand line.

Herbal Essences also makes a DeGunkify Tingly Deep Cleaning Shampoo that works well to clean all the buildup in your hair from styling products. It is important to use clarify shampoo to get rid of buildup in your hair. Clarify your hair once every two weeks. However, if you do not use too much styling products then you may not need to clarify so often. Clarifying does fade color as well.

I rarely ever use styling products, maybe like some hairspray once every few months… I do clarify my hair and use a deep conditioning treatment the day before I go to get my hair dyed. Clarifying the hair gets rid of all the buildup and so I am ready for my hair treatment and so that the color will hold better.

Some of Herbal Essences' hair gels look really nice though, so you may not need to clarify that often! They do not have silicones and it does not look like they will dry your hair out. Try Herbal Essences Set Me Up Gel and Body Envy!

Let me know if you join the Herbal Essences Buycott with me!?

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Baby your Makeup Brushes with Baby Shampoo!

Cleaning your makeup brushes and sponges are an important step to a perfectly made up face!

You can buy a special makeup brush cleanser or just use shampoo! Shampoo works just as well as the special makeup brush cleansers. You can also use baby shampoo or those 2 in 1 baby shampoos to make your brushes a little softer. If shampoo works on your hair then it will work great on your makeup brushes too!

Buying every kind of different makup brush for every different little makeup application is really not necessary either! I think just a foundation/powder brush, blush brush, and a contour and angled eyeshadow brush is enough!

I use powder foundation and I use a foundation brush. A brush works way better than those sponges that come with the compact! Applying your powder foundation is so much easier and it goes on evenly. Using a soft brush feels so much nicer on your face too!

Try to wash your brushes once a week! Not cleaning your brushing will harbor bacteria and oils, which will cause breakouts. The oils on the brush that come from your skin will also oxidize your makeup making it turn orange… Clean brushes will grab a hold of makeup and deposit makeup on your face evenly.

Gently clean your brushes, don’t be rough or you may pull out hairs. Lay your brushes flat down without letting the wet bristles touch anything if possible. Laying the bristles over the sink works. If you stand them on end the handles or bristles may break. Washing your brushes weekly will save you money too, because they will last you for years and years!

Happy Weekend Everyone!

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