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Nails Done By You!

Do you paint your nails or not? Or perhaps you go and get your nails done at a salon.
Since it is summer time it is especially nice to have your toe nails done.
Me, I do not go to the salon to get my nails done, only on special occasions. I do my nails myself every week or more.

Here is one money saving tip: Use a really good base coat and top coat.
And it does not matter about the nail polish. You can use one of the expensive top brands or a NYC or Wet n Wild 99cent nail polish. Using a good base and top coat is what matters.

Here are some good base coats:
Orly’s Bonder
Nailtek II Foundation
Seche Clear

Here are some good top coats:
Sally Hansen Insta-dri
Seche Vite
Revolon Colorstay

Also if you think you can’t do you own nails because you can’t mange to even get it on the nail, here’s a tip: Paint your nails at night and just go to town.

Don’t worry about getting nail polish on your fingers, because when you take your shower the next morning all the nail polish mishaps on your fingers will come off. You can even use your finger nail to easily wipe off some slightly stubborn bits in the shower while waiting a couple minute for your conditioner to soak in.
Step out of the shower and Wha La you have a beautiful manicure done by you!

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