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Do you Bathe with a Bath Pouf, Sponge, Bath Brush, or Not?

Rub a dub tub. Soaping up and getting clean is such a nice refreshing feeling.
What do you use to get clean? Bath pouf, sponge, bath brush, washcloth, hands, bar soap….

I love lathering up with my bath pouf! Now I have not always used a bath pouf and I even stopped using one for a long time, I just used my hands with my shower gel. All the talk that went around about bath poufs harboring bacteria scared me good!

And bath poufs do harbor bacteria! The trick is to throw out your pouf often and you are good to go! Throw out your bath pouf once a month to avoid bacteria. Also using a new bath pouf just feels so good. After just using my hands, I discovered that using a pouf is actually more economical because I do not use very much bath gel. I only use about a quarter size drop on my pouf and it lathers up my whole body nicely.

Throwing out your bath pouf once a month is really not that expensive either, depending on where you buy your pouf. I’ve found that Wal-Mart has some great poufs for about $1 and they are nice soft poufs that don’t fall apart either. So that’s about $12 for a year’s supply of bath poufs, not bad at all. You will feel like you are pampering yourself in the bath, and you are, but for a great deal!

Bath and Body Works also has bath poufs, but they feel like they are a bit to tightly woven and not quite soft enough, but each to their own. Plus, even when Bath and Body Works has their semi-annual sale their bath poufs are still not at Wal-Mart’s great prices!

Not to tempt you, but Bath and Body Works is having their summer semi-annual sale right now! It just started this week. I may have to stop by and get some great smelling shower gels for $3 each!

I will post more about the Bath and Body Works month long semi-annual sale as the month goes on!

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