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Skin and Climate

The climate definitely affects your skin. I have been looking at homes all across the country today. Now is definitely the time to buy, if you can afford it. The homes are all so beautiful. Living in a beautiful place and being happy, can make your skin radiate beauty as well.

Are you happy where you live? Moving to a new area can be the right move in these uncertain times. Look at new changes as a new chance to pursue your dreams and a new start.

I know this does not have much to do with beauty or skincare, but being happy does affect your skin. And hey, I am a real estate agent too, so I love looking a beautiful pictures of homes.

A change of climates can be great for your skin as well. And if you choose a cute little cabin in Alaska, just bring a great moisturizer with you. Find the right heavy moisturizer and live in the beautiful mountains.

Beautiful Love and Dating

Valentine’s day is just around the corner. Do you have a lovebird for Valentine’s day? I don’t, but I am hopeful I will find my true love one day. I just have to be patience and one day I will run into him.

I think being in love also brings out more beauty in you, because of all the happiness radiating from you.

There are so many ways to meet new people to find love. Try new activities or events, such as golf, a cooking class, join new clubs, political groups…

Dating sites are popping up more and more. Have you ever tried a dating site? I have and I really like them. On dating sites you can find out a little about the person, such as their hobbies or religion. I think dating sites make it a lot easier to find someone with similar interests and they should be used, since we are so privileged to have such technology. I say take advantage of all the FREE sign-ups out there.

There are even dating sites that cater to your specific interests, such as equestrian cupid. Horse lovers can unite and ride off into the sunset together. What a great way to connect over something the two of you love. You can even sign up for free to check out the site and the men.

What do you think would you join this dating site? More and more people join everyday, you are bound to find someone you love.

Beauty Blog Face Lift and Shopping

So what do you all think of my new beauty blog face lift or template? It was time to take down the beautiful Christmas template and I thought this one looked pretty. I have been thinking about changing up my blog for a bit over the holidays too. I am thinking I want to expand into a couple other areas besides beauty and skincare.

Shopping! I love shopping and finding the best deals, as you all know it’s all about the ingredients when it comes to skincare. Therefore, some of the best products are in drugstores.

So I thought why not throw in some other shopping posts too. I mean what you wear affects how you feel and it is all part of your Femme Façade. After all making a great first impression is important.

I will definitely still be talking about beauty products and the latest anti-aging news, but I thought why not expand a bit in 2009!

Christmas Giving and Health

Christmas is all about giving and helping those less fortunate than you. Giving tells someone that you care about them. Giving also makes you feel happy and healthy too.

And do not forget the reason for the season. Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior was born on Christmas day! Jesus Christ is all about love and life.

Lets love each other and give to each other a little more this Christmas. Giving shows God thanks for everything he has given you. And shouldn't we all try to honor God a little more at Christmas time?

What does all of this have to do with beauty? It is beautiful to give and make others smile. Giving brings more joy to everybody. And smiling more makes you more beautiful. A smile can light up the room, a smile is contagious, a smile makes you more happy, a smile is beautiful.

Stay beautiful and happy during this Christmas season everybody!

Have a Beautiful Thanksgiving Day!

Happy day of Thanksgiving and Prayer!

I hope you all are with loved ones and enjoy lots of turkey today!

Thank God we live in a beautiful nation and for all of our wonderful freedoms! Thank you to the American soldiers who have fought for our freedoms and for the soldiers fighting now!

I am thankful for my readers on my Femme Façade beauty blog. Thank you! And thank God for our freedoms to wear makeup and skincare products. Thank God for the Internet and all of the knowledge we have gained about skincare!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! Gobble, Gobble…

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Friday Freebie Beauty Sweepstakes!

Estee Lauder has a one time beauty sweepstakes for $350 shopping spree at!

Garnier Fructis is giving away 10 $20 Itunes gift cards and one set of Garnier Fructis beauty products, including 5 to 6 shapmoo, conditioner, and styling products! This is a one time sweeps.

Travelzoo has an instant win sweepstakes. The grand prize is for

Pac Sun has a one time sweepstakes for $1,000 online gift certificate!

McDonald’s has a daily sweepstakes until December 31st for a Wii! I do not have a Wii and I have been wanting one! I know people that have lost 20 pounds off of the Wii and everybody from the young to the young at all enjoy the Wii and all the games!
(1) First Prize: (1) winner will receive (1) Nintendo Wii Game Console along with the Line Rider 2: Unbound Wii Game.
ARV of $279.98.each.

(3) Second Prizes: Each Second Prizewinner will receive (1) Nintendo DS Lite along with the Line Rider 2: Unbound DS Game.
ARV of $159.98.each.

(10) Third Prizes: Each Third Prizewinner will receive (1) Line Rider 2: Unbound PC.
ARV of $19.99.each.

Total ARV of all 84 prizes to be won is $5,758.

Have fun winning any beauty skincare products or the other prizes!

Vote Today for Freedoms!

Today is November 4th! Happy Election Day!

Make sure to get out and vote!

This election is one of the most important elections in the history of America. And it will be a historical election no matter who wins!

Your one vote does count. One vote has decided many elections and events. And you must not take your Right to Vote for granted. It is a right that everybody does not have.

Now, I thought long and hard about if I should share here about who I am going to vote for. And I decided I must, because this election will determine what happens to America and everything it stands for. America could change for the better or for the worse.

We have so many great freedoms and I must vote for the person who is going to protect our freedoms and the constitution of the United States of America the most!
And that person is John McCain!

For true freedom vote for John McCain!

If you want to find out more about the issues and why I support John McCain go here to my political blog. This is the one time that I will talk about politics here. I do not want this beauty blog to be a political blog. Please do not hold my political beliefs against me. Please come back to my beauty blog. :) If you ever feel like talking about politics though, I welcome all Conservatives, Liberals, and Independents at my political blog.

God Bless America and God Bless our Freedoms!

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