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Tip my Hat to Sun Tips!

It's getting warmer out! Springtime is here and summer is near.

Time to have fun in the sun! Baseball games, Amusement Parks, The Beach, Picnic at the Park, The Lake, Vacationing around, and just walking outside on a beautiful sunny summer day.

It's also time to get out your hats! The sun rays intensify in the summer and the days are longer. Plus hats are just too darn cute! I love all the new fashionable hats out there! And if you think that hats don't look good on you, well think again, because there really is a hat out there for everyone!

Also I think it takes awhile to get use to seeing yourself in a hat. Many schools ban you from wearing hats, so that may be one reason why we are not use to wearing them. And when we first put them on, we of course laugh and think we look silly. Well, try it anyway. I dare ya! Hats are really cute, even on you!

There are these really cool hats too, with SPF built right into the hat! Make sure to look for the tag that says UPF50! If it doesn't say UPF50, than it really won't protect you that much. UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor, which is similar to SPF, it's just what is used for clothing.

Also make sure the brim is at least 4 inches in order to cover most of your face!

Hats also protect your hair from the sun. All you ladies out there that color your hair, hats are your hair's best friend. Sun fades color, so keep your hair protected from the sun!
Remember to still wear sunscreen and sunglasses, the sun can reflect up from the sidewalk!

Have fun this Springtime/Summer!

Go Padres!

Check out these cool sites with UPF sun hats:

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