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Vietnamese Diet Pills?

My Mom told me about some sort of Vietnamese pill that a friend’s sister is taking to loose weight. The friend is going to find out the name of the pill from her sister soon.

I thought I would try to look it up today. She said the pill contains cranberry juice and veggies and her doctor said the pill was perfectly fine to take. I could not find anything like this pill, so I guess I will have to wait until they find out the exact name. The sister lost about 40 pounds and she was full all the time! She has stopped taking the pill and she still feels like her stomach has shrunken.

Diet pills are a big no and can be very unhealthy for the heart. Some diet pills can work in the beginning sure, but they are extremely unhealthy long term. Plus, popping a diet pill encourages the idea that eating healthy and more exercise is not the only way to loose weight, which they are.

Many of those juice pills, such as the acia berry pill are all hype and just a load up of antioxidants. I do not see anything wrong with adding more antioxidants to your balanced diet, but I do not think they will help you to loose a great deal of weight.

Perhaps, the idea of taking a juice pill that says it will aide in weight loss, even though it really does not, will help some to loose weight. The placebo effect really does work. If you believe a pill will help you to loose weight strongly enough, along with eating less and more exercise, then it may happen.

I will update when I get the name of this pill, perhaps it is a old weight loss secret...

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