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Vietnamese Diet Pills?

My Mom told me about some sort of Vietnamese pill that a friend’s sister is taking to loose weight. The friend is going to find out the name of the pill from her sister soon.

I thought I would try to look it up today. She said the pill contains cranberry juice and veggies and her doctor said the pill was perfectly fine to take. I could not find anything like this pill, so I guess I will have to wait until they find out the exact name. The sister lost about 40 pounds and she was full all the time! She has stopped taking the pill and she still feels like her stomach has shrunken.

Diet pills are a big no and can be very unhealthy for the heart. Some diet pills can work in the beginning sure, but they are extremely unhealthy long term. Plus, popping a diet pill encourages the idea that eating healthy and more exercise is not the only way to loose weight, which they are.

Many of those juice pills, such as the acia berry pill are all hype and just a load up of antioxidants. I do not see anything wrong with adding more antioxidants to your balanced diet, but I do not think they will help you to loose a great deal of weight.

Perhaps, the idea of taking a juice pill that says it will aide in weight loss, even though it really does not, will help some to loose weight. The placebo effect really does work. If you believe a pill will help you to loose weight strongly enough, along with eating less and more exercise, then it may happen.

I will update when I get the name of this pill, perhaps it is a old weight loss secret...

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Beauty Sweepstakes Freebie Friday!

Time to win big playing sweepstakes!

General Mills has a daily Share the Love sweepstakes. I think this one is really nice and perfect for Valentine’s day coming up or any day really. 1 grand prize for $1,000 in the form of two Visa gift cards. You keep one gift card and give the other to a friend, share the love!
Plus they are giving away 30 daily prizes: $200 in the form of two Visa gift cards, and you are suppose to share the love then too. I also like the Betty Crocker website, looking up yummy recipes is always fun.

Vitalicious has a one time Valentines Day sweepstakes for a grand prize of Tiffany Pendant in sterling silver with round brilliant diamonds, worth $800. And 150 first prizes of one-month supply of Vita-Tops. Vita-Tops are muffin tops, but they are healthy. They sound really good to me, just like a cereal bar with fiber and nutrients.

Estee Lauder is giving away a $350 shopping spree at in this one time sweepstake! Who couldn't use more makeup!?

Maybelline has a one time sweepstake for a grand prize consisting of a package that includes a Maybelline New York makeup kit, worth $250. And a limited edition Maybelline New York 2009 Calendar. More makeup for all of beautiful ladies.

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Anti-Aging Pill

I heard about an anti-aging pill that could be hitting the market soon. However, they still have some research to prove this pill will really extend your life. This pill is a red wine resveratrol pill that uses the grape skin.

"Resveratrol, a molecule found in red wine, has been touted as a molecular mimic of a calorie restricted diet, an intervention that has been shown to nearly double the lifespan of all forms of life when caloric intake is cut in half. Food deprivation is not expected to be adopted by the masses, but a pill that may stave off aging would certainly be welcomed.

"It takes life-long adherence to a limited-calorie diet to activate as many genes as Longevinex(R) did in just a short time. This is the first time any technology has been shown to significantly alter more genes than calorie restriction," says Bill Sardi, spokesperson for Longevinex(R)."'

We have heard that drinking red wine in moderation, one glass a day, can add years to your life and help keep your heart healthy. I also heard on Fox news about this pill and they said, you would have to drink 1,000 bottles of wine to get the amount of ingredients contain in only one of these pills. Too bad, 1,000 bottles is a bit too much to drink in one day.

I guess we will have to wait and see if the fountain of youth comes within our lifetime. And we should enjoy the wonderful anti aging treatments we have right now, such as sunscreen.

Don’t forget to smile and laugh more today, that is the truth fountain of youth. Age gracefully with a smile! 

Happy Healthy Habit

How has your exercise routine been going since the holidays are over? Mine have not started yet. And of course I have excuses, doesn’t everybody? Of course being sick is a good excuse, because you can make yourself more sick if you push yourself too much.

Now is the time to get back into shape. We can do it! All it takes is forming a habit of eating healthy and exercising a little more. Did you know it takes about 20 days to form a habit? After 20 days you will be in such a great exercising habit, that you will Want to exercise and never miss a day.

You can do it! Start exercising right now and be even more happy!

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How to have a Healthy Beautiful Christmas Season!

Are you feeling the holiday spirit yet? Are you feeling joyful and healthy?

I like to celebrate pretty much the whole month of December. Baking cookies and buying candy starts early along with decorating. I am excited for all the cookies, fudge, and hot chocolate.

How do we still stay beautiful without the extra bulge? Shopping helps and we all do a lot of that during Christmas time. Also try to exercise everyday for at least 30 minutes.

Exercise will keep you in shape, healthy, and happy. Stress from the holidays can add up and exercise is a great way to beat that stress. Colds float around during Christmas time too and exercise can help defeat that as well.

So make exercise a top priority this month.

Also do not forget to enjoy those cookies and fudge! Everything in moderation is key.

Here’s to good health and a Merry Christmas season!

Exercise and Healthy Eating in Time for the Holidays

Holidays are around the corner and I am ready to eat lots of Turkey on Thanksgiving and lots of chocolate fudge at Christmas time!

Sticking to a healthy and a good exercise routine can be difficult. Cutting back on food and exercising a little more are the only things that work!

I think making sure you are on a good exercise plan and are eating healthy now, will make it not so hard when the temptations come rolling in.

We can do it! Try a new dance class, on buy some cool workout DVDs, take your dogs on more walks, start a new activity like tennis, golf, or swimming… New activities can make going into the holidays more exciting and make you not feel so guilty for eating that extra cookie.

Long Luxurious Lashes

What will make your eye lashes longer?

Well, unfortunately nothing has been proven to make your eyelashes grow longer yet. There are many companies out there that claim to make your eyelashes grow longer, such as Revitalash and Jan Marini, but they do not really work. They will make your lashes appear healthier, the same way your hair looks healthier when you use conditioners. They may make your eyelashes grow faster and then fall out naturally, because they are healthier, but not necessarily longer.

These special eyelash conditioners are quite expensive too! If you want to condition your lashes, try plain old Vaseline. Vaseline is an excellent moisturizer! Rub a tiny bit of Vaseline in between your fingers and gently coat your eyelashes. Or you can use a clean mascara brush! You do not need to soak your lashes in Vaseline just a little coat is enough.

Don’t worry too much about Vaseline getting into your tear duct. You would not be applying that much. Besides Vaseline is used in operations. You know when they cover your eyelid with Vaseline and then gauze. Vaseline is also used for eyelids that have diseases.

I hope your eyelashes look lavishly beautiful soon!

If all else fails there’s always mascara that gives the best facade of the longest eyelashes!

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Beauty from Within!? Can it be Done?

Here it is the saying, beauty from within.

It is true, eating healthy can greatly affect how you look on the outside. So if you want a beautiful femme facade, make sure you are eating a well balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins... Everything in moderation really is the key.
Vitamins taken orally can be effective too, not only to your outside but to the inside as well.

Although, it is up to you whether you decide to take vitamins or not. I took a health class in college and during that semester I had two different teachers. The first teacher had to stop teaching class for personal reasons and so a new teacher came on board. Well, let me tell you, they had totally different opinions! It was unbelievable. My first teacher was all about doing cardio, but making sure to lift weights, because the more muscle you have the faster you burn calories. My first teacher was also all about taking vitamins. Well the other teacher was all about doing more cardio and not taking vitamins. I agree with my first teacher that one cannot get the recommended amount of vitamins through food alone. We can't eat that much of all the different types of food everyday!

I totally believe in eating a well balanced healthy diet too though. You cannot eat junk food everyday, take vitamins and think you are doing good. Nope, vitamins are in edition to healthy eating.

Now do I believe that vitamins can prevent acne from forming? From personal experience I would have to say, Nope! Vitamins have not help me in that way, nor has drinking 8 glasses of water everyday. I have done both for years and years, but it has not stopped acne from forming. I do believe that vitamins have helped my inside and so I will continue to take them and drink the 8 glasses! Yes, I mentioned the inside and not my outside, even if this blog is called Femme Facade.:) Yet, does not how we feel on the inside affect how we look on the outside?!
So live to be 103 by eating your apple a day and taking your vitamins! :)

I will post more about vitamins in the future, so stay tuned!

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