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Do You Love Your Job?

It is important to enjoy your job. Life is too short to be stuck in a job you hate. Yes, you should be happy that you have a job right now, but if you do not love your job, it is time to think about finding a different job.

Believe in yourself and take a little risk. Everybody has excuses, don’t fall victim to excuses. Live life to the fullest, you deserve it.

Perhaps, now is the time to take a few classes in a new field that you are interested in. There are a lot of job unique choices out there, such as freelance writer, fashion designer, pet psychologist, or professional hacker!

How cool would it be to be an professional hacker? I am talking about an professional ethical hacker. As a professional ethical hacker you help keep companies, the government, or law enforcement IT Security tight. Hack other hackers out of messing with the computers!

It sounds like Chloe’s job in the TV show 24! How cool would it be to stop the bad guys from taking over the government!

Start off by earning a bachelor’s degree in computer science and take extra college classes online in network security. You can take online hacking classes at your own convenience while working full time. Take classes such as, Security Fundamentals, Ethical Hacking, Penetration Testing, Computer Forensics
, Disaster Recovery, or Secure Programming. Become a Certified Ethical Hacker and keep the world save today! Or if you decide to pursue another passion, whatever you do enjoy your life and your job! 

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Scrubbing in for Love and Beauty!

I was reading this article at this site Scrubs, which is made for nurses. The online magazine also has a beauty and skincare section as well. Well, my friend is studying to become a nurse and she also has two beautiful children at home. She is a very busy person and she wants to start dating again too. I recommended trying dating online. I am going to have to send her this article, although it is really inspiring for anybody.

She is very hesitant about dating online. She is scared of all the weirdoes. I told her that there are weirdoes everywhere and this way you have a chance to weed them out ahead of time. The article, "What Happens After," also said not to force yourself to go out after a long day of work, because you will not be in a good frame of mind to find love. I thought that was surprising, in this busy society we often force ourselves to do things. It is all about go, go, go. How many things can you do in a day? We need to be more patient and be still more.

Remember, never settle. You will find love one day, just keep your eyes open. Love could be at work, the grocery store, or that internet dating site.

This site was pretty cool too, the articles are written in a very friendly fun manner. And the articles give great tips on money, love, mind, health, entertainment, and beauty. Check out the beauty articles. There was a short article called, "The Beauty Stimulus Package," which is about saving money on beauty products!

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Skincare Antioxidants = Chocolate

I hope you are getting your feel of chocolate today, especially that really dark chocolate, like 85% cocoa. Hey, it contains antioxidants, which is really good for your skin!

Happy Easter today! Easter makes everything new and is a fresh start in life. It is so amazing that Jesus Christ died for all of us, even though none of us deserve it, so we can all have eternal life in heaven! And Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior raised from the dead, He conquer death and took all of our sins so we could have everlasting life. That is pure love. If He did not raise from the dead, Christianity would have died with Him. How wonderful that we are all forgiven! "  Therefore he is able to save completely those who come to God through him, because he always lives to intercede for them."  (Hebrews 7) I hope all of you are filled with the love of Jesus this Easter. And enjoying making you skin more beautiful by eating yummy chocolate filled with antioxidants.

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Makeup Cosmetics Should Be Banned?

Cosmetics should be banned, says Baroness
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"In an interview with the BBC, prominent Muslim feminist Baroness Haleh Afshar has suggested abolishing cosmetics because they perpetuate a myth of eternal youth.

Invited to propose ‘a radical idea to make the world a better place’, Afshar said beauty products should be banned because they do not allow women to grow old and are peddled on the lie that women are supposed to stay young and pretty forever.
The Professor of Politics and Women’s Studies at York University said make-up is also marketed on the idea that women are judged on appearance and therefore reduces them to the length of their eyelashes.
“Whether our eyebrows are plucked, whether we are white or pink enough, or if we've had a special operation to make our lips bigger or smaller - we are more than that,” added Afshar, who joined the House of Lords in 2007 as a cross-bench peer." (

Yes, we are more than just makeup and an outer appearance. However, banning cosmetics will not make everybody love each other any more. What matters is what comes out of our body not what we put on it. Love comes out of us, from the heart.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to take care of ourselves and wearing makeup that makes us look our best. True confidence and happiness comes from within and no amount of makeup or no makeup is going to change that. Plus, taking away someone’s freedom does not create love.

Lets all love and respect each other a little more from the heart. 

Beautiful Love and Dating

Valentine’s day is just around the corner. Do you have a lovebird for Valentine’s day? I don’t, but I am hopeful I will find my true love one day. I just have to be patience and one day I will run into him.

I think being in love also brings out more beauty in you, because of all the happiness radiating from you.

There are so many ways to meet new people to find love. Try new activities or events, such as golf, a cooking class, join new clubs, political groups…

Dating sites are popping up more and more. Have you ever tried a dating site? I have and I really like them. On dating sites you can find out a little about the person, such as their hobbies or religion. I think dating sites make it a lot easier to find someone with similar interests and they should be used, since we are so privileged to have such technology. I say take advantage of all the FREE sign-ups out there.

There are even dating sites that cater to your specific interests, such as equestrian cupid. Horse lovers can unite and ride off into the sunset together. What a great way to connect over something the two of you love. You can even sign up for free to check out the site and the men.

What do you think would you join this dating site? More and more people join everyday, you are bound to find someone you love.

Have a Beautiful Christmas!

Merry Christmas! I hope you all are having a beautiful Christmas with your loved ones today.

Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior was born on Christmas day. Celebrate the greatest gift you will ever receive today. The gift of life. God gave his sinless, perfect son to humble himself into a baby human boy in a manger.

And the loving Lord Jesus Christ gave his life to erase all of our sins, for we are all sinners. All we have to do is accept this wonderful gift and we will be forgive of our sins and we will go to heaven.

Merry Christmas to all!

May you find God everyday and be filled with love, peace, and patience this new year!

Matthew 1:21
"She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins."

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