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Dove's New Moisturizing Body Wash Products

Dove has new moisturizing body wash products out right now that are suppose to really help moisturize and protect the skin. Soap and body washes dries out the skin, while cleansing you body. Body washes can damage proteins and lipids in the skin’s outer layer.

There are many body wash products that have been adding moisturizing ingredients to help moisturize the skin, but they really just leave an occlusive layer on the skin and do nothing to moisturize the deeper problem of lipid damage.

Dove has a body wash formula with soybean and natural lipids that are suppose to moisturize skin deep down. Dove calls this new breakthrough Nutrium Moisture. You can buy this moisturizing body wash for sensitive skin, deep moisture, or gentle exfoliating.

I have used Dove body washes in the past and have always liked them. I thought they were thick and moisturizing before, so I can’t wait to try out their new product. I think their body wash products have a nice fresh smelling scent as well.

Have a great week and don’t stress too much. And don’t forget a great way to conquer stress is with a nice relaxing bath. Baths really relax me anyway, I prefer to take them if I have time. I think it should be a beauty requirement to take a bath at least once a week. Giving yourself time to pamper yourself, it is very important. After all, if you are not rested and fresh than how can you help anybody else?

I will review Dove’s new body wash products and let you know how I like them soon.

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