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Toner Skincare Product

Do you use a toner product to refresh your skin?

I stopped using a toner months ago and have never looked back. I have found that my skin does not need them. So once less skincare product to buy! :)

If you do use a toner, gentle is usually best. I use to like Neutrogena’s ones, Nivea moisturizing ones, or witch hazel. Toners with no alcohol are the least irritating. And I have oily acne prone skin. Medicated ones full of alcohol are not always needed for my type of skin types. Often times using a medicated toner and acne medication afterwards can be too much.

It took me a long time to realize I did not need a medicated toner and then a long time to realize I did not need any toner!

Is it time to check your toner skincare product needs?

Touching Chinese Facial Exercises

Chinese facial exercises have been around for centuries to rejuvenate the face. Do facial exercises really work? Well, I think they do and don’t.

Exercise does help you to gain muscle and become firm. So it does make since that facial exercises would firm up your face!

Although I would not do some facial exercises. Only because I am very acne prone and I do not like touching my face, because it causes acne. Touching the face at all even just to scratch it causes acne for me. Being very oily probably does not help this fact. I did not use to think that just by merely scratching my face that I would get pimples, but it is true! I am not talking about excessive scratching here either. One scratch from my germy oily fingers and my face will get a pimple in that spot! That’s why doctors always say to never touch your face with your fingers, even clean ones. So when popping a pimple use a tissue under your fingers! And resist the urge to scratch your face!

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Bathroom Beauty Talk!

Hi Everybody! Happy Friday!

I tried the Milk of Magnesia primer! It worked so good! It really did!
I cannot believe it! I applied just a tiny bit all over my face and then patted it in. The Milk of Magnesia did NOT dry white either, it dried perfectly clear. The secret primer did not feel chalky or weird at all!

I waited all the necessary wait times between each product.

1 hour after I went to a nice breakfast, I looked in the mirror and I was not oily! I was matte! Well, my forehead was a tiny bit shiny, which I blotted with a tissue, but it wasn't a fountain, like it usually is! Also Tissue works just like those blotting sheets. You know what works even better, the toilet protective sheets! It's basically the same material as the blotting sheets. How perfect is that talking about toilet blotting sheets and Milk of Magnesia. Who knew the bathroom really was the perfect vanity!?

Seriously, though I have not bought blotting sheets in years! I have had this packet of blotting sheets in my purse all this time and I have not bought a replacement for it yet! Because whenever I go out there's always a bathroom!

So anyway, this Milk of Magnesia really worked for me! My face really looked good the whole day, just my forehead need a couple blots here and there! My face is usually a river, it's amazing. I think I may have found the best secret oily skin primer and all for a $1! I know it has only been one day, but I am excited! I will update you if it stops working or what not in the future!
Hopefully it will work for you too!

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Chemical vs. Manual Exfoliants Facial Mask

I thought I would elaborate more on the Alba Botanica Papaya Enzyme facial mask that I mentioned in the Sulfur post.

Enzymes gently exfoliate off the dead skin. Exfoliating is an important part of one’s skin care regime. I always thought that exfoliating meant using a scrub. Scrubs never helped my skin and only made my skin worse. Yet, chemical masks are more gentle than the abrasive manual scrubs. So if you don’t like exfoliating, try exfoliating with a gentle chemical exfoliant! And don’t let the word chemical scare you either! It's just a way of saying NOT manual.

Alba’s mask is full of juices. Juices naturally have enzymes in them. Each juice contains different enzymes, which perform different functions.

This Papaya Enzyme facial mask is really good for oily skin and it really helps to eliminate spots fast, ranging from acne pigmentation marks to sun spots. It really was surprising how fast this mask worked for me in a couple of weeks! I used this mask every other day and my red marks just faded and faded. Make sure your skin tolerates this frequency though, since most mask are used only once a week. But I found this mask to be pretty gentle. Alba's mask exfoliates the outer layer of your skin and it does tingle a bit, that means it is working!

Now as I've said before, I really am not an all natural gal, but if something works then use it! I just think that a short ingredient list is best. Many natural companies add a lot of unnecessary extracts and such, just because Natural is so popular right now! Yet, this mask does work for me and many others, it gets great reviews! So try it out for around $11 at health food stores and some Ulta stores!

Hope it works for you!

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Get Rid of Pimples and Cysts with Sulfur and Alpha Hydroxy Acid

Do you get those painful red cysts or pimples on your chin?

The pimples/red bumps that take months to go away! The tender zits hurt so bad!

I definitely feel your pain! My chin was covered in cysts for years. When a cysts would finally go ways after months, another one would take its' place.

These types of pimples/cysts are hormonal acne. It's also called adult acne. Cysts on the chin and jawline occur in many people in their 20s.

Getting rid of these pimples is quite a task, but it can be done. It's all in finding what works for you. For me, a combination of Alpha Hydroxy Acid gel and Sulfur really worked, along with the Avene's Retinaldehyde did the trick. As I have mentioned AHA before, it really helped to stop the pimples in their tracks. Pretty amazing since AHA is a surface exfoliant and Beta Hydroxy Acid is more for cleaning out the pores. But AHA worked better for me than BHA, it might work for you too! AHA also helped to erase red marks left over from the hormonal cysts too!

Anyway, back to sulfur. Sulfur is another medication that kills bacteria. And it has worked really good for me, way better than BHA again. BHA just never worked for me and yet over the years I persistently kept trying every brand of BHA out there. Some people's skin just likes different skin care products.

Adult Acnomel is a sulfur spot treatment. I have used it and it works really well to reduce those pimples overnight.

Queen Helene Mint Julep is a sulfur mask that can be used once per week. It can actually be used as a spot treatment too. It works good as a mask for oily skin mostly, because it has Kaolin clay as an ingredient. So it's a great product with multi-uses and plus it comes in a huge tube for an unbelievable price of around $4!

DDF also makes a sulfur mask that gets great reviews for $34

I would go for the Queen Helene mask! Don't be discourage because of the cheap factor. It's about ingredients! And you can use the Queen Helene Mint Julep as a mask and as a spot treatment. Great buy for your money and for your beauty!

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Aging Gracefully - Secrets Continued - Anti Aging Products

Retinoids anti aging products are some of the best wrinkle fighting products out there! There are actually different names for Retinoids, which can tell you their level of potency. First of all there’s retinol which is what’s in most of the over the counter anti aging facial products now.

And really retinol is not strong enough to do anything!

Retin-A is the strongest retinoid that you can buy and you have to have a prescription.

Retinaldehyde is the level that Avene produces and again it is the strongest you can buy without a prescription! In the U.S. you can buy two different types or strengths of Avene’s Retinaldehyde anti aging skincare products. Ystheal + Emulsion lotion for normal to combo skin. They do not have one out yet for oily skin, but this is the one that works for my very oily acne prone skin! There is also an Ystheal cream and Eluage Retinaldehyde cream for dry skin. The Eluage has Hyaluronic Acid in it as well, so it enhances the Retinaldehyde! Therefore, the Eluage is the more potent anti aging wrinkle cream. To go with the Eluage Retinaldehyde cream, is a Eluage firming gel, that can be applied to only the deep lines and wrinkles and not the entire face.

As a beginner or a women in the mid twenties, I would start off with Ystheal, it’s more gentle. Starting off with the Eluage can lead to irritation. If you wish, after a few years you can move up to the Eluage, but I would hold off until your forties/fifties or get a prescription depending on your budget and desire. (Remember Retinoids can NOT be used while pregnant.)

I have heard it really is best to start with anti aging beauty products in your twenties or thirties.
Preventing is easier than erasing. So you want to prevent the aging for as long as possible.

(I will talk more about Avene's anti aging products and how to apply it properly in my next post!)

Time to Wash Your Face. Want Some Oil?

Ok, so hopefully some of you found some new sunscreens to try out!?

Well these
sunscreen can be stubborn to remove and water resistant. So you want to make sure that your remove it completely before bedtime. And using makeup remover over your whole face can be very drying, depending on which makeup remover you use. And some makeup removers say they are alcohol free, when they are not!

The best thing I have found to remove my makeup are Oils!

Yes, that is right oil. At first I was like what!? I can't put oil on my super oily face! But oil actually dissolves oil. And it is extremely gentle and does not strip your face. So you really do not want all those products out there, that say oil free! Because oil gets rid of dirt, makeup, and can clean out the pores!

There are a lot of oils out there. I like Jojoba oil the best. Jojoba oil is the closest oil to sebum, which is what your facial oil glands produce. Jojoba oil can be used on oily and dry skin. But oily skinned gals seem to like it better. There is also olive oil, which has lots antioxidants and many dry women like. Yes, the olive oil in your kitchen!

Just Google Oils for Face!

There are so many different oils out there with so many different benefits.

I love removing my makeup with oils. It is the best eye makeup remover ever! I wet a cotton pad and squirt a little oil on it then press it against my eyelid for a few seconds. Then I gently wipe my eyelid. And Poof! It all comes off! No Stinging! And oils actually moisturize too. So while I am remove my makeup it is moisturizing not stripping/irritating my skin dry.

  • First you need to wash your hands with soap and water for 30seconds or more.
  • Then you drop a few drops of oil into your fingers and glide it gently all over your face.
  • And then you wet a cotton pad and drop a few drops on the pad and remove your eye makeup.
  • Continue to use your fingertips to glide the oil all over your face for a minute.
  • Next splash your face with water. And squirt a drop of a very gentle cleanser into your palms and rub together. (I like Olay Gentle Foaming cleanser for sensitive skin)
  • And then glide your fingertips mixing the oil, cleanser, and water all over your face for 30seconds to a one minute! (remember this is key)
  • Finally splash your face with water and pat dry.
Some people use oils as a moisturizer too. And Jojoba oil is a good moisturizer as well! Just two drops into your hands and gently pat all over your face. And you are ready to go goodnight!

Try it and see! I just love using oil as a makeup remover! No Stinging!

People also use Ponds cold cream in place of the oil, so this is a good gentle substitute if you are too scared to use oil on your face just yet. I have never tried it, but many oily skinned gals like it.

And dare I say it.
Mineral Oil. Yes. I said it! Mineral oil can be used as a face oil too! Mineral Oil is not evil, like many natuaral companies want you to believe for some reason.? Mineral oil comes from petroleum, which is what Vaseline is. Petroleum comes right from the earth, so it is completely natural and the most moisturizing ingredient you can find! That is why it is in so many lotions out there! If it was evil and hurt people then these big companies would have stopped using it ages ago!

Mineral Oil also is one of the least clogging oils out there!

I am going to try mineral oil soon! I cannot wait! Because it is way cheaper than Jojoba Oil!

Happy Easter Everyone! Let Chocolate Help Your Skin!

I hope you are spending time with love ones right now! And eating a lot of chocolate!

By the way, don't believe in the
chocolate myth!

Chocolate does not cause acne, there's no scientific proof!
Acne is caused by hormones, heredity, oil glands, bacteria, excessive washing, and some medications.

Poor hygiene, stress and unhealthy diet can aggravate acne but not cause it!
Chocolate is actually a great source of antioxidants! Well, the really Dark Chocolate. The darker the better, try to find the 85% cocoa. Antioxidants are very good for the body and the skin! (I will get more into antioxidants later and the best topical one for your face)

Dark Chocolate contains flavonoids, which are like those in tea, red wine, fruits, and vegetables. These flavonoids can help the skin be more moist, less scaly and red. This is because flavonoids actually absorb UV light! Dark chocolate is also good for the heart!

  • A small 1.6 ounce of dark chocolate a day is recommended! :)

So enjoy that Chocolate bunny!

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Sunscreen, Does Yours Protect You from UVA Rays?

Hi all:) Back to sunscreen we go!

So I have used that Neutrogena Dry-Touch sunscreen with the cool Helioplex ingredient and I really liked it! It didn't break me out and it has a pretty nice finish, even though it felt thick to put it on at first. Unfortunately, it balls up on me. So then I tried out the Hawaiian Tropics oil free SPF 30 sunscreen and it work pretty good, but it was 8 UVA and I thought I needed higher. I was getting a little obsessed…so I tried more different kinds the Banana Boat Sunwear SPF50 one with the UVA12 and it did not do well for my acne either….and so I tried others, such as ones from Drug Stores, Department Stores, and Europe.

I also tried Shiseido, which has a very nice fluid one, this sunscreen is the best for oily skin it actually made my skin matte for a few hours! And believe me my skin gets really oily in a half an hour after I am done with my makeup! However, this sunscreen did leave a slight white cast on my face, which is fine for those of you with porcelain or Scarlett Johansson skin. Also it is $50! And yes, you should spend the $50 if it is right for your skin, sunscreen is the number one item to invest in! And it is hard to find a sunscreen that your skin tolerates and one that you will happily put on everyday!

So finally I went back to the Hawaiian Tropics. My skin tolerates this sunscreen, I don’t break out! And UVA 8 is good protection, way better than what I was using years ago which was like no UVA protection at all, only SPF protection! Plus it’s pretty light and does well on my oily skin!

So yes, oily, acne skinned gals can wear a sunscreen everyday!! And I wear it even when it is raining and when I am at home, because I have lots of windows and you never know when I have to run to the store or get the mail. But it is up to you if you want to wear it at home. Not everybody does.

Don’t forget you neck and chest area and hands! Hands, always put it on when you have to commute home and what not!

Remember you have to put on the full ¼ teaspoon to your face and ¼ teaspoon to your neck! If you don’t put on the full amount you will only get half of the UVB/UVA protection!!! So this is very important!

So please experiment a little to find the sunscreen for you! It has helped balance out my skin tone and my acne pigmentation marks are fading, due to sunscreen and some other skin care products!

Sunscreen is the most important thing you can do for your skin to prevent aging, especially premature aging! You should start everyday when you are a baby! So don’t forget to put it on your cute babies, Moms. But if you are all grown up, then it is never to late to start preventing future damage! Go buy that sunscreen right now, even if there is cats and dogs pouring outside or a foot of snow blocking your driveway!

(On my next post, I will post the ingredients and their percentages that you should look for to get the right kind of UVA protection for you!)