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Coppertone's Nutra Shield Dual Defense Sunscreen Review!

I have been using Coppertone’s Nutra Shield Dual Defense Sunscreen for a while now and I love it! I wanted to wait a while, before I updated my review, because I had a breakout at first.

I think a few pimples popped up, because before I started using this new Coppertone sunscreen I was trying out another new sunscreen. And then I switched to Coppertone, so my skin was irritated. I could not tell which product was breaking out my skin.

That is why it is best to only use one new product at a time and give each new skincare product about a month until your full critique.

Coppertone’s Nutra Shield Dual Defense sunscreen is a very light texture that sinks in my skin easily. It works well on my oily skin too, it does not leave a very shiny residue. And it feels like I am wearing nothing. This sunscreen also contains antioxidants, which can help fight free radicals. I am not using any antioxidant product right now, so it is nice that this sunscreen contains some.
The best part of this Coppertone sunscreen is that my red marks from previous pimples are fading and I have no pimples right now!

update: While on vacation the last couple of weeks, I wore this sunscreen on my face outside all day at NASCAR and skiing another whole day, and I did not get sunburn at all!

I will be updating more about Coppertone’s 2009 line of sunscreens in the future. I am excited about their new sunscreens. Their whole new 2009 line of sunscreens are stable with great broad protection from UVA and UVB rays.

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Love Your Skin with Pimples and All!

Do you love your skin everyday? Probably not, especially when you have a huge pimple on your chin, like I do now. However, we should try to love our face everyday. Life is too short.

Who really notices that big zit or several zits? You are the only one who notices it the most. Men really don’t care, and if they do, you are with the wrong one. They see the beautiful you behind those pimples that everybody gets. Do not worry about the red bumps and let the happy confident you shine through.

Love your skin this Valentine’s day week and everyday after too.

Granted Clear Skin

Are there days when you have perfectly clear skin, free from blemishes? I still have a few little post acne marks left over from past acne. However, there are days when I do not have a single pimple.

Since, I was around 12 years old I cannot remember a day where I did not have a least one pimple. It was not until these last couple years where I have enjoyed the experience of completely clear skin. I do still get pimples some days now, but my face is not covered.

Have you experience clear skin before? I know some people have naturally clear skin and hardly ever get one pimple. Do they take their clear skin for granted, I bet they do sometimes. I am happy that they have been blessed with such great skin. And I know that I am happy to have one day of clear skin, I do not take it for granted and hope I never do.

However, be happy everyday with whatever skin you have at that moment, because it could always be worst.

Here’s to a day of clear beautiful skin!

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Christmas Season Stress and Skin

How is your skin right now?

My skin is pretty good. My skin was really clear for a couple weeks and then all of the sudden I started getting little pimples on my chin and cheeks again. At least they are tiny ones, hopefully the spots will be gone after a few days.

During this busy Christmas season try not to stress. Stress does NOT cause acne, but stress can aggravate your acne. Stress can make you sweat more, which could cause more pimples too.

So have a happy Christmas season, make sure to take time out to spend with your love ones. If you are stuck in your car during busy shopping traffic, make sure to relax by listening to Christmas music. Take some time out for yourself. You deserve it, it is Christmas time after all.

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, You Will Be Less Stressed After All!

Do you get a lot of tiny little pimples or great big ones right in between your eyebrows? Everybody gets pimples at sometimes in their life. Do not fret when you do and hopefully you will find a skincare product to keep them at bay most of the time. Retinoids, sulfur, and AHA, not BHA have worked the best for me. Check out some of my previous posts for more info.

However, the point is not to worry, stress does not necessary cause pimples but it can aggravate it. If you have trouble seeing the beautiful you, pimples and all, when you look in the mirror. Then try stopping looking in the mirror so much. You really only need to look in the mirror when you wash your face in the morning and at night. Looking in the mirror too often can cause unnecessary stress. Repeat you are beautiful every time you look in the mirror and that should help!

Mirror, mirror on the wall, You are the Fairest of them all!

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Be Gentle with Your Face

Here is another friendly reminder to be gentle with your skin. Always wash your hands for at least 20 seconds before touching your face. Do not pick pimples. Use a tissue to pop a pimple that has fully come to a head. The less you touch your face the better.

Try to never touch your face throughout the day. Your finger tips are oily and germy and will cause your face to breakout more. I use to scratch and itchy part of my face and found that I got pimples there often. Then when I stopped I noticed I had less breakouts. Be gentle with your face.

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Get Rid of Pimples and Cysts with Sulfur and Alpha Hydroxy Acid

Do you get those painful red cysts or pimples on your chin?

The pimples/red bumps that take months to go away! The tender zits hurt so bad!

I definitely feel your pain! My chin was covered in cysts for years. When a cysts would finally go ways after months, another one would take its' place.

These types of pimples/cysts are hormonal acne. It's also called adult acne. Cysts on the chin and jawline occur in many people in their 20s.

Getting rid of these pimples is quite a task, but it can be done. It's all in finding what works for you. For me, a combination of Alpha Hydroxy Acid gel and Sulfur really worked, along with the Avene's Retinaldehyde did the trick. As I have mentioned AHA before, it really helped to stop the pimples in their tracks. Pretty amazing since AHA is a surface exfoliant and Beta Hydroxy Acid is more for cleaning out the pores. But AHA worked better for me than BHA, it might work for you too! AHA also helped to erase red marks left over from the hormonal cysts too!

Anyway, back to sulfur. Sulfur is another medication that kills bacteria. And it has worked really good for me, way better than BHA again. BHA just never worked for me and yet over the years I persistently kept trying every brand of BHA out there. Some people's skin just likes different skin care products.

Adult Acnomel is a sulfur spot treatment. I have used it and it works really well to reduce those pimples overnight.

Queen Helene Mint Julep is a sulfur mask that can be used once per week. It can actually be used as a spot treatment too. It works good as a mask for oily skin mostly, because it has Kaolin clay as an ingredient. So it's a great product with multi-uses and plus it comes in a huge tube for an unbelievable price of around $4!

DDF also makes a sulfur mask that gets great reviews for $34

I would go for the Queen Helene mask! Don't be discourage because of the cheap factor. It's about ingredients! And you can use the Queen Helene Mint Julep as a mask and as a spot treatment. Great buy for your money and for your beauty!

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