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Popping Pimples Right and a Beauty Tip

I just wanted to let you all know that I started a new blog called Popping Pimples Right. It is a small blog right now that I hope will help people prevent acne. I am so happy to have such clear skin right now, you can tell from by about me page how much I had to deal with acne. I had that cystic adult hormonal acne along my chin, which I am really happy to be beating. I am working on promoting the blog right now. We will see what happens.

I am trying to expand my online business, which is why I have not been posting very much to my Femme Fa├žade beauty blog. However, I am trying to grow the traffic for this blog as well, and I am promoting it. Hopefully, everything will work out great and more beauty tips and secrets will come rolling in from some nice readers.

And now let me leave you all a little beauty tip. If you have stubborn blackheads try a little Beta Hydroxy Acid on them. I like using the Oxy pads, yes that is right, the old school Oxy. Or Clearasil if you can’t find the Oxy. Those acne treatments have a good percentage of BHA and are pH balanced, but make sure you grab the right jar. It's the old red one. The pH balance is key, because otherwise it will not work effectively and you will be back popping a pimple again. The Beta Hydroxy Acid may help you stop pimple popping too, because it will help you to stop the pimples from even appearing on your face.

I swipe a pad on just my nose and a little on my cheeks, only where the blackheads are and then I apply my AHA product to the rest of my face. And my blackheads are disappearing and no other pimples are forming. The key for me is keep the BHA only on the blackheads, because otherwise it will breakout the rest of my face, weird I know. Everyone is different though. For most people BHA is the only thing that will keep pimples away, both whiteheads and blackheads.

I have also been using my old Queen Helene sulfur mask too. I use to love this mask. I stopped using it when I started using Eau Thermale Avene’s retinaldehyde, because my face was peeling. Now that it is not peeling anymore, I thought I would try it again the other day. I really liked it. Sulfur is really good for acne prone oily skin. It also helps to get rid of the blackheads too. I am going to start using this mask again every now and then.

I used to apply this beauty mask weekly or sometimes twice a week. I don’t think I need that much frequency anymore, what with how well my acne treatments are working. It is up to you and your skin how often you apply a mask. Do you lovely readers have a beauty tip to share? Do you know any great ways to pop a pimple perhaps?

Touching Chinese Facial Exercises

Chinese facial exercises have been around for centuries to rejuvenate the face. Do facial exercises really work? Well, I think they do and don’t.

Exercise does help you to gain muscle and become firm. So it does make since that facial exercises would firm up your face!

Although I would not do some facial exercises. Only because I am very acne prone and I do not like touching my face, because it causes acne. Touching the face at all even just to scratch it causes acne for me. Being very oily probably does not help this fact. I did not use to think that just by merely scratching my face that I would get pimples, but it is true! I am not talking about excessive scratching here either. One scratch from my germy oily fingers and my face will get a pimple in that spot! That’s why doctors always say to never touch your face with your fingers, even clean ones. So when popping a pimple use a tissue under your fingers! And resist the urge to scratch your face!

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