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Treat Feet with Vaseline

Rather you choose to make a gift for someone or buy it, you are bound to be on your feet a lot this month. The Christmas season is the time for shopping. Giving to your love ones and those less fortunate is important for everyone, perhaps pick up a jar of Vaseline as a stocking stuffer. 

Being on your feet can be great for your waistline, as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, but it can also bring havoc on your feet. Taking care of your feet during the wintertime should be on your list too.

The cold, windy, winter days can make your feet more dry. And the extra time on your feet can make them sore. It is time to treat your feet with a little gift for their strength of holding you up this season.

Every night put on a little extra thick cream or the original Vaseline in a big tub all over your feet. Then slip on your cozy soft socks and get your beauty sleep. Since it is wintertime, wearing socks should not be too hard or hot. Many people wonder how to get great feet for summer, but taking care of them in the winter is essential too. And if you take care of them now you may not even need to ship them into shape come summertime.

Here’s to a toesy soft feet winter!

Soften Your Rough Feet with These 3 Tips!

Having really dry rough callused feet is not fun or very pretty for summertime.

Don't worry there are ways to dramatically soften your feet so they will be silky smooth in that hot new sandal you just bought!

Every night wear apply body and hand lotion or a thick cream to your rough feet. Put on socks and sleep in them overnight and your feet will be so soft in the morning. Let me stress again, every night, this is key. Consistently applying the lotion every night will work wonders.

(I have been doing this all winter and I am very surprise how much this helps to make my feet softer! I take my showers in the morning and apply my lotion all over my body, then at night time I apply my thick cream to my feet. I also apply the cream to my delicate chest area too, why not make them soft as can be as well:)

AHA Lotions

There is also AHA lotion that you can use to exfoliate your feet, but if you put it on the top of your feet make sure to put sunscreen on the top of your feet during the day. Because AHA lotion makes you more photosensitive to the sunlight. But hey, wearing sunscreen on the top of your feet will only help your feet to stay younger too!

(I am going to have to try to remember to put sunscreen on the top of my feet even if I don't wear AHA lotion, especially since it is summertime and I am wearing sandals more now.)

Exfoliating Your Rough Feet

Exfoliating your feet with an upper end pumice stones work well too, remember to wet the stone and use an exfoliating scrub with it. Be gentle though, don't scrub too hard, or you might hurt yourself. Exfoliating with a foot file works even better than the pumice stones, specifically the Microplane in the orb style.

Exfoliating with the "As Seen On T.V." Ped Egg also gets great reviews too, more so than the pumice stones. I think the ped egg looks kind of painful, but they say it works really well. Although, they can all be painful if you scrub your feet too hard. So be gentle yet firm with your rough feet. I have heard that more people like the Microplane foot file, but it is up to you if you want to splurge on your precious feet that work hard everyday to hold you up, or not. Yes, your feet work hard all day long, so give your feet some attention every night. Treat them right and they will treat you right, and they will be soft. If you have severely dry feet and you get cracked heels, then you need to pay extra attention to your feet. Check out that link to my other post for some great tips! 

Apply More Body Lotions

A cream with with 40% Urea in the ingredients list will work well. If you want to get specific about the cream to use, try Topix Urix 40 it is one body and hand lotion to buy that contains that much urea. Just plain petroleum jelly or Vaseline will work great too. I even wrote a post about 12 ways to use Vaseline. Petroleum is a very moisturizing ingredient that will soften your feet. Apply the lotion, slather on the petroleum jelly, put on your socks, and have a good night sleep dreaming about your soft as a baby's feet in the morning.