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Beauty Routine Application

Do you apply eye shadow or foundation first? I apply my eye makeup first because then if I mess up, I can wipe away the eye makeup and not mess up my foundation.

Applying my eye makeup first also lets my sunscreen dry. Remember to let your sunscreen dry for 10 to 30 minutes before applying foundation. You want the sunscreen to work at its' best, and all sunscreens are formulated in a certain way. Applying foundation or moisturizer right after sunscreen can disrupt the film former of the sunscreen.

So an everyday skincare beauty routine looks like this:

1. Wash face

2. Apply moisturizer

3. Wait until moisturizer dries

4. Apply 1/4 teaspoon of sunscreen to face and 1/4 teaspoon to neck

5. Wait about 15 minutes

6. Apply makeup

Your Mom's Skincare?

What does your Mom and Grandma use on her skin for skincare? My Mom always went by the statement less is more. She uses Clinque moisturizer and makeup remover. She does not use water, just the makeup remover, because water has high pH and can be harsh on your skin. I cannot imagine not using water to wash my face at night, but she gets away with it, her skin is pretty much flawless.

She does use sunscreen sometimes, but not too big on it. She has been a sun tanner her whole life and still is. And yet she still looks really young for her age too!

I do not remember what my Grandma wore. I know she always liked solid perfumes though, which I always thought were so beautifully unique.

Did your Mom or Grandma pass down any beauty secret tips to you? I know they did not worry about aging as much as we do now. Everybody ages and worrying about it makes you more wrinkly.

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Skin and Climate

The climate definitely affects your skin. I have been looking at homes all across the country today. Now is definitely the time to buy, if you can afford it. The homes are all so beautiful. Living in a beautiful place and being happy, can make your skin radiate beauty as well.

Are you happy where you live? Moving to a new area can be the right move in these uncertain times. Look at new changes as a new chance to pursue your dreams and a new start.

I know this does not have much to do with beauty or skincare, but being happy does affect your skin. And hey, I am a real estate agent too, so I love looking a beautiful pictures of homes.

A change of climates can be great for your skin as well. And if you choose a cute little cabin in Alaska, just bring a great moisturizer with you. Find the right heavy moisturizer and live in the beautiful mountains.

Differences of Dermatologists

I just want to put another notice out there.

Please do not believe everything your dermatologist says. Dermatologists do not know everything when it comes to skincare. Some say one product is terrible and another says the same product is the best thing since slice bread.

Dermatologists do not know everything about sunscreen either, you cannot trust them completely. That is why we have to take more responsibility for ourselves and really learn about the ingredients in everything.

I hear so many horror stories about Dermatologists and I am sure you have too and been there as well. I know I have. There are so many crazy ones out there!

If you really want to find a dermatologist you have to keep trying ones and make sure they know their stuff. Research the products yourself first. It is just like anything, it is best to get a second opinion. It is amazing how doctors are so different and how they have such opposite opinions.

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Marijuana and Skincare!

Skincare researchers have found new reasons to use pot!

A Human Cannabis like substance has been found to improve skin, focusing on acne and dry skin. This substance can be used in creams to be applied topically to help the skin.

Our skin naturally produces a substance to protect the skin that closely resembles THC, an active ingredient in marijuana. "Just as THC is believed to protect the marijuana plant from pathogens, our own cannabinoids may be necessary for us to maintain healthy skin," said researcher Gerald Weissmann.

The marijuana plant has already provided benefits to the skin in the past years from its’ hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil is used as a moisturizing ingredient in lotions. One that comes to mind is the Hemp Hand Cream from The Body Shop. Have you ever tried that one before? I have it was a nice rich cream, but nothing extraordinary.

This new study sounds extraordinary though. The full study will be published in October. I can’t wait to read it and hopefully there will be a new miracle reason to use marijuana.

Happy Skincare Blazing Days Ahead to You!


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SkinCare Product Marketing Hype

Be careful when buying any product. Some brands may only have one or two good products. There is no reason to buy all the products from one line. This is just another marketing hype to get you to buy more of their products.

Also you may hear claims that such and such company makes bad products, but it doesn’t mean all of their products are bad. This itself is another claim. This is why you should take responsibility yourself and really research the ingredients on every product you buy. This will help your skin and your wallet.

Many people have their own agenda out there. Claims on sunscreen have been coming up a lot lately. Well not all sunscreens work well, which is why you especially should know how to read the active ingredients. Unfortunately the UVA protection is not written on the bottle like the UVB protection is, which is what the SPF number is. There are bottles of sunscreen in most brands out there that do not have any UVA protection at all! And then there are bottles of sunscreen in that same line that have great UVA protection. Fortunately the FDA is working on getting the UVA number put on all bottles of sunscreen.

In the mean time look at the percentages of the active ingredients on your bottle. Use the ciba calculator to get a estimation, just an estimation, of the UVA protection that your sunscreen is providing. Also make sure to apply the correct amount of sunscreen to be properly protected or you will burn. ¼ teaspoon for face, ¼ teaspoon for neck, shot glass for whole body, don’t forget your hands too. And remember to reapply every two hours, immediately if you going swimming or sweat excessively.

I hope you all are having a fun summer!

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Bath and Body Works Sale is Now 90% Off!

This week is the last week for the Bath and Body Works sale!

You know what that means!? Yummy smelling bath products will be 90% off in their stores! 90% off! This week is the time to go check out their sale! You never know what you might find! I am going this Wednesday! I hope I find a big beautiful sweet smelling candle and some delicious body creams!

The Henri Bendel candles are suppose to be discontinued unfortunately. So if you go, buy these candles up! Henri Bendel candles all have a nice strong smell and the throw is excellent! Check out my other post for more info on what's going to be at the sale!

I will let you know if I find anything great and you all let me know if you find anything!

Happy Monday!

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Rosacea Series: Treatments

Control your rosacea flare ups with these treatment tips!

First of all since everybody's skin is different, rosacea treatments will be different for everybody. Treatments depend on how severe your rosacea is at the moment. Doctors can prescribe antibiotics and topical treatments to get your rosacea flare ups under control now! Using a long term topical treatment will help you from having a rosacea relapse. Finacea, plexion, metrocream or metrogel can help.

When needed doctors can also perform laser treatments or other surgical procedures to help eliminate blood vessels and severe redness.

The skincare that you choose can affect your rosacea. Skincare made for sensitive skin often works best. Avoid anything that stings or irritates your skin. Being gentle with your face is key. Euresin redness relief products work well.

After you wash your face make sure to wait about 10 to 20 minutes before applying topical medicine. If you apply the medicine in the morning wait another 5 to 10 minutes before applying sunscreen and then at least 20 minutes before applying makeup.

Do not use abrasive scrubs or acids if you skin gets irritated. I have heard or people with rosacea using retin-A, though people often buffer it with creams or wash it off after 30 minutes. The retin-A does not really help with the rosacea, it helps with wrinkles and acne. Read my other post on retinoids.

Don't forget your sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses when going outside. Wear sunscreen everyday rain or shine! Read my other posts on sunscreen if you want to make sure yours is protecting you correctly!

Whatever you are using if it works then stick with it. Do not buy new products often, stick to what works. Use a new product for a month to fully see if it works or not.

I hope this helps you! For more information seek your doctor or read the website. There is also a Rosacea Board to gain advice from others who have Rosacea!

Now go and enjoy your summertime! Happy Friday Everyone!

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Miracle Hair Moisturizer!

As I mentioned in another coconut hair treatment post in the past, coconut oil is a great oil that actually moisturizes and penetrates to the hair cuticle. Not all oils penetrate down to the hair cuticle. They just sit and protect the outside.

Well, I bought the coconut oil a few weeks ago and I have been using it once a week since then. I went to a health food store and bought a big jar of it in the cooking aisle. I first went to the skincare aisle to look at the oils there and all I saw was this one brand that had one bottle of coconut oil. And their coconut oil was in this little clear 4oz. Bottle, which was like $8 to $10! Ha! No way! I knew that you can get the same coconut oil in a huge jar in the cooking aisle. So I went to the cooking aisle and sure enough there were about 4 to 5 different brands of huge bottles of coconut oil! I picked a big black plastic jar of coconut oil that was 16oz! And it was only $8! I knew it would last a long time too!

The brand of coconut oil I am using is Jarrow Formulas, it is also expeller pressed, which is suppose to better for you. The Jarrow Formulas coconut oil is in a hard form. I looked for the coconut oil that was already liquefied, but this one was the best deal for its’ money so I bought it! Melting the top of it has been super easy too! I just plug up my sink and feel it up halfway with hot water. Then I sit my jar of coconut oil in the water, which only comes halfway up the jar. I let the jar sit in the water for about 15 seconds and you can see the top of the coconut oil turn to liquid. I rub my fingertips all over the top and spread the coconut oil down the length of my dry hair. I rub enough of the coconut oil on it so that my hair looks wet then I swirl my hair up into a bun and wait an half an hour or more. I pop into the shower wash up and I have been using my deep conditioner after I shampoo too.

My hair has been so soft! I am liking it! I have not tried it with out any conditioner, but coconut oil is a excellent substitute for a deep conditioner! I just cannot believe that idea yet. It is going to take me awhile to try it. I guess when I run out of my deep conditioner I will just try the coconut oil and see how my hair feels then. It is so awesome! This coconut hair treatment is such a great deal for something that works!

Beauty from Within!? Can it be Done?

Here it is the saying, beauty from within.

It is true, eating healthy can greatly affect how you look on the outside. So if you want a beautiful femme facade, make sure you are eating a well balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins... Everything in moderation really is the key.
Vitamins taken orally can be effective too, not only to your outside but to the inside as well.

Although, it is up to you whether you decide to take vitamins or not. I took a health class in college and during that semester I had two different teachers. The first teacher had to stop teaching class for personal reasons and so a new teacher came on board. Well, let me tell you, they had totally different opinions! It was unbelievable. My first teacher was all about doing cardio, but making sure to lift weights, because the more muscle you have the faster you burn calories. My first teacher was also all about taking vitamins. Well the other teacher was all about doing more cardio and not taking vitamins. I agree with my first teacher that one cannot get the recommended amount of vitamins through food alone. We can't eat that much of all the different types of food everyday!

I totally believe in eating a well balanced healthy diet too though. You cannot eat junk food everyday, take vitamins and think you are doing good. Nope, vitamins are in edition to healthy eating.

Now do I believe that vitamins can prevent acne from forming? From personal experience I would have to say, Nope! Vitamins have not help me in that way, nor has drinking 8 glasses of water everyday. I have done both for years and years, but it has not stopped acne from forming. I do believe that vitamins have helped my inside and so I will continue to take them and drink the 8 glasses! Yes, I mentioned the inside and not my outside, even if this blog is called Femme Facade.:) Yet, does not how we feel on the inside affect how we look on the outside?!
So live to be 103 by eating your apple a day and taking your vitamins! :)

I will post more about vitamins in the future, so stay tuned!

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Do You Know How to Pick the Right Sunscreen?

Now just because it is Winter/Spring (depending where you at) right now does not mean one should not be wearing sunscreen everyday! That’s right everyday!

Now I know, I know. Everyday? Yes, everyday! I did not start wearing
sunscreen everyday until about a year ago! I thought yeah, yeah, blah blah…. I only need sunscreen in the summer. And even in the summer the most I wore on my face was SPF15 because I was a tanner! I mean there were some summers growing up that I lied out almost every single day! Now at least I only tanned with the real sun and didn’t use tanning beds, because they ARE worse. And now I do have a couple sun spots on my face, not a lot, and they pretty much look like freckles, but I know they are from the sun!

I have research a lot and joined beauty forums, where I discovered skin care products that work for my skin. Of course the products make me photosensitive to the sunlight. And since everybody was so
sunscreen obsessed on the boards, I caved. Yes, I did wear sunscreen occasionally when I was outside for long periods of time, but apparently these sunscreens were not stable!

What? Stable?
Yes a stable sunscreen last longer on the skin and protects the skin longer than an unstable sunscreen by a couple hours! A stable sunscreen also protects you from both UVA and UVB rays. When I use to pick up sunscreens I just grabbed ones that either had Avobenzone in it or the ones with the Titanium Oxide and Zinc Oxide in it. However there is another ingredient in the Avobenzone sunscreens that can destabilize the sunscreen, which causes it to degrade faster in the sun and be less protective on you!

So yes, you have to look at sunscreen ingredients! It only takes one second to look! First you have to learn about what they mean! It’s pretty easy and you only have to learn the active ingredients. Because the active ingredients tell you how much protection from the UVA rays you are getting. The UVA rays are the rays that causes the aging (wrinkles)! The SPF number protects you from the UVB rays.

An SPF 30 is good for everyday, but you should really put on higher if you are going to be walking around in the sun a lot or at the beach!
So remember to look at the ingredients because the UVA protection # is not on the front of the bottle like the SPF.

In the U.S.A. one can now buy UVA protection as high as about 19! This is the new sunscreen that was released last summer, by Neutrogena! The Dry-Touch SPF 55 and 70 with the new Helioplex ingredient! However, a UVA protection of 8 is good for everyday, 19 is great, but 8 is good for everyday going to work days. In Europe one can buy up to about 35 UVA protection! It’s interesting that Europe is so far ahead of the U.S. when it comes to sunscreen. At least the U.S. is finally getting better! Of course I can’t say I was waiting around for the U.S. to get better since I didn’t start wearing it everyday until the Neutrogena sunscreen hit the shelves. I guess I just lucked out!
(I will post more about the importance of UVA protection next time!)

Skincare Tip and Beauty Blog

I have been researching how to make my beauty skincare blog known to the Internet world a lot recently!

And I have found this website called Technorati. So I created a profile.

We will see how it goes!

If anybody has some
tips on how to get popular out there, I would appreciate it! :)

Technorati sites says I have to make this post in order to verify my blog and they said I could then erase my post. And so I guess I will erase it, or I could leave you all with a quick skincare tip. I do not see the point in writing a post just to delete it.

Skincare tip:

Wear sunscreen everyday! Rain or Shine. Inside or outside.
I will post generously about sunscreen in the future, don't worry.
I thought I would just mention this vital part of having a beautiful Femme Facade!

Anywhere that there is sun, you need sunscreen!

The sun's rays penetrates windows, especially the
UVA rays! And you have to make sure your sunscreen is properly formulated to protect you against the UVA rays! (more intensely detailed post on this soon!)

It really is the most important part of your skin care routine! It is the best anti-aging thing you can do for your skin!

Are You Skin Caring for Your Skin, Happily?

Being happy with your Femme Facade!
Having the proper skincare and anti aging products that works for you is the most important step!
First of all remember if it’s not broken don’t fix it!

I admit though that I am a former product junkie and loved trying out new finds! But I have finally realize that if I find something that works, stick to it! I always tried to find the upgrade version or the cheaper version and it usually backfired! Now I am all about finding the best deals, but sometimes you just have to splurge on certain products! It is your face, it is worth it! Let’s tell ourselves be happy with what works!

Now we have to find what skincare products work, which is the hardest part! Believe me I know! I have very oily skin and have been struggling with acne for 15 years (I am 26)! Not one day in those 15 years have I had a clear face, I have always had at least one pimple. Now I bet your waiting for me to say, but now my face is totally clear and it’s all because of this one magical product that you should all run out and buy!
No, no. There is no magical product for everybody! Because everybody’s face is different!
I did finally find some skin products that has helped me though! I just need to stick to it and stop experimenting with new products! Let’s help each other:) Just say No to new anti aging products right now!