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Dove's Nutrium Moisturizing Body Wash Products Review

I have tried out Dove’s new moisturizing body wash product! I tried out Dove’s Nutrium Deep Moisture product. I really like the thick creamy texture. Just the fact that it is so thick made me feel like it was not going to dry out my skin, like some other drying body washes. It did not really have any fragrance that I could tell. Maybe a really light fresh soapy smell.

I have used it for almost a month now and my skin feels nice and soft. Although, I do have to mention that I use body lotion after every shower as well. I do not know how my skin would feel if I did not use body lotion. If you don’t like to moisturize, then I think this would be one of the best body wash products to use. However, moisturizing your skin is very important. Just the water alone can damage your skin overtime.

Our skin is the body’s largest organ and is important to take care of it. You only have one body and so you must do the best you can. Choosing a good moisturizing body wash product and a good body lotion is essential in taking care of your skin. Not everybody will like the same products. Everybody’s skin is different and so you do have to try out a few products until you find one that your skin likes.

Dove also have the Nutrium body wash for sensitive skin and one to exfoliate skin. Different times may call for different body wash. And sometimes as you age your skin may change, which means you may have to change up your skincare products, such as the sensitive skin products. I have not tried out these two moisturizing body wash products yet, but I am sure they are just as good as the deep moisture one.

Single, Love, Beauty, and Kindness

Are you single and happy this Valentine’s day? I am. I know that one day I will find love, but right now I am enjoying my life. I love spending time with family and friends.

Love yourself and everybody around you right now, wherever you are in your life. Did you know that this week is also Random Acts of Kindness week?

I think another good way to love yourself is buying that shiny diamond necklace for yourself. has free shipping right now if your order before 12pm est. time tomorrow and it will be delivered by Friday the 13th! Why not treat yourself to something special this Valentine’s day, whether it is jewelry, clothes, flowers, makeup, or luxurious skincare products…

Anti Wrinkle Cream and Stem Cells?

Stem cells research, to make an anti wrinkle cream? Is it worth it?

What if it is the latest way to make you look younger and a new breakaway for anti aging skincare products? Scientists have been researching and researching stem cells and are finding new innovative ideas everyday.

In New York there was a HBA cosmetic show and the of Europe reporters attended the event. I do not know much about the HBA show, it seems like a big event where cosmetic industry types get together and discuss the new trends in the beauty industry. Exhibitors come and show off their new skincare ingredients and talk about marketing and what the consumers are buying and looking for in the future.

I don't think stem cells research is necessary for creating anti aging products. I think we need to focus on aging gracefully more with a smile. Do we really need a anti wrinkle cream that badly?

Beauty Sweepstakes Freebie Friday!

Happy Friday everybody!

Here's a one-time sweepstakes from Alterna Haircare! They are giving away a grand prize for a 2 night trip to L.A. for a haircut, wash, and haircolor along with a basket full of Alterna haircare, worth $2,000. There are also 30 instant wins from this sweepstakes for some Alterna shampoo.

Soft & Beautiful has a one-time sweepstakes for 10 grand prizes consisting of a beauty basket full of body lotion, body cream, bath gel, hand cream, body polish, and body firming lotion! You can never have too much lotion!

KAO Brands and Biore are giving away a trip for 2 to Vegas! Round trip to a hotel on sponsor's choice for 4 days and 5 nights, a show, and $1,000 of spending cash! This one-time sweepstakes is also giving away 50 Biore product gift boxes!

Do you check out Lucky's freebies and sweepstakes the first week of every month? I try to remember them. Luckily, no pun intended, this sweepstakes is a one-timer with Maybelline for their new New York The Colossal Volum' Express Mascara! They are giving away 2,500 mascaras! We are bound to win one! And since we are suppose to change mascara every three months we could all use more mascara.

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Miracle in a Beauty Bottle!

Beauty skincare products have all kinds of marketing hype. Advertising, we all know not to fall for it, but it can be so hard to resist. We all want the next miracle in a bottle! It is too easy to try the next newest thing, because what if it is better!? Stick to what works, don't stray.

I already know I want to try one new skincare product this fall, I'll let you know about it soon! Just remember to give each product a month! This is very important, the skin will often break out when switching to a new product, but calm down after a couple weeks. Giving a product a month will also save money too, because if the product works you save and find a new miracle! Plus, it all comes down to the beauty product's ingredients.

Good luck out there and let me know of any new skincare treatment finds!

The Incredibly Shrinking Pores!

We are have pores. Some people have small pores and some large. Sometimes our pores are clogged and that can make them looker larger than they actually are.

Unfortunately, large pores are genetic. There is really nothing you can do it about. You cannot shrink your pores, don't believe the skincare products hype. So be happy with your pores and don't use a magnifying mirror. :)

I have large pores on and around my nose. The permanent stubborn blackheads that live in them do not help my pores to look smaller either.

Fortunately, you can make your pores appear smaller temporarily through skincare products!

Cleaning out my blackheads has been a task of mine for some 17 years... As you can tell, I am talking about the serious stubborn blackheads here. No blackhead extractor could touch these blackheads. Blackheads won the battle. Several facialists could not even remove these babies.

Anyway, some products that have worked temporarily for me is one of my favorite mask, Queen Helene Mint Julep mask, which contains sulfur and kaolin clay. Retinoids and AHA also work to keep my pores clear! Exfoliation works well to keep the pores clear so definitely incorporate a weekly mask into you routine. Or if you are not the mask type, then try the Alpha Hydrox 10% gel. Whatever exfoliation product you use just make sure it has the right pH!

So if BHA does not work for you, as I tried faithfully year after year, then try one of the products that I have mentioned.

May you pores appear smaller tomorrow!

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Don't leave U.S. Avene!

CVS is discontinuing the Avene line at their stores! It's not even online anymore either!

This is terrible news! As you know I love Avene! It's the most potent anti-aging skincare product that you can buy over the counter!

I don't know why they are canceling it. I guess not enough people bought it. I think it is because many people just go into the store and buy whatever the new anti-aging product out there is! I use to do it! But now I research everything on the Internet and read all the reviews before I buy.

Advertising gets to you, everybody wants the newest next miracle product!

Ingredients come first as always. Researching out the products has helped me save so much money over all!

Fortunately, there is some good news. I looked up the store locater on the Avene website and they are still selling their skincare products in 5 states in the U.S. So if you are in one of the lucky states, then you are in luck!

Lucky me, California, is one of the states! They now sell them at Longs Drug stores!
I am going to have to check out this certain Longs Drugs store, it's a lot further away from me than the CVS is, but hey, I am NOT complaining! Don't mean to brag you all! I was just so heartbroken and I am so happy that they are carrying at Longs now.

And don't worry you can still order Avene skincare products at! So there is hope for everybody! You can also order Avene products from Amazon! I have not talked about this Retrianl .05% cream yet, but it is stronger than the Ystheal lotion! So it may be my next step when I am ready to move up to stronger anti-wrinkle treatments! It will be a few years before that happens.

Let me know what you all think of the Avene skincare products!? I love Avene and am glad I am getting my money's worth!

Antioxidants - Is Vitamin C the Best!?

Antioxidants! Right now all the rage is about topical antioxidants! Many people think that Vitamin C is the best antioxidant to put on!

Antioxidants have been proven to help skin! They have been shown to help reduce free radicals. And when worn under sunscreen in the morning, Vitamin C can boost the protection of the sunscreen.

Vitamin C, however has to be properly packaged in a tube and stabilized. If it is not stabilized then it will not provide any affect. Air and light will also destabilize it. So a tube does not last long, a few months perhaps. The correct pH is critical, if not, there will not be all the great antioxidant benefits. Also there are only a few companies out there that produce quality stabilized Vitamin C.

I have used a few different antioxidant products.
The stable, Avalon Organics Vitamin C and stable La Roche Posay Active C products.

Paula Begoun (Great advice given at her website: ) Although I definitely do not agree with all of it. Anyway, Paula Begoun mentioned that many researchers that are studying antioxidants, say that it is best to use a topical product with multiple antioxidants. Do not just go all out with one. There is no clear evidence that Vitamin C is the best antioxidant for skin!

More research needs to be done on Vitamin C.

So again we need to be careful when we hear claims. There is hype and trends with skincare products, just like there are trends with clothes. Then they often spiral out of control from word of mouth. Most of them are just fads and shouldn't be followed.

Do You Know How to Pick the Right Sunscreen?

Now just because it is Winter/Spring (depending where you at) right now does not mean one should not be wearing sunscreen everyday! That’s right everyday!

Now I know, I know. Everyday? Yes, everyday! I did not start wearing
sunscreen everyday until about a year ago! I thought yeah, yeah, blah blah…. I only need sunscreen in the summer. And even in the summer the most I wore on my face was SPF15 because I was a tanner! I mean there were some summers growing up that I lied out almost every single day! Now at least I only tanned with the real sun and didn’t use tanning beds, because they ARE worse. And now I do have a couple sun spots on my face, not a lot, and they pretty much look like freckles, but I know they are from the sun!

I have research a lot and joined beauty forums, where I discovered skin care products that work for my skin. Of course the products make me photosensitive to the sunlight. And since everybody was so
sunscreen obsessed on the boards, I caved. Yes, I did wear sunscreen occasionally when I was outside for long periods of time, but apparently these sunscreens were not stable!

What? Stable?
Yes a stable sunscreen last longer on the skin and protects the skin longer than an unstable sunscreen by a couple hours! A stable sunscreen also protects you from both UVA and UVB rays. When I use to pick up sunscreens I just grabbed ones that either had Avobenzone in it or the ones with the Titanium Oxide and Zinc Oxide in it. However there is another ingredient in the Avobenzone sunscreens that can destabilize the sunscreen, which causes it to degrade faster in the sun and be less protective on you!

So yes, you have to look at sunscreen ingredients! It only takes one second to look! First you have to learn about what they mean! It’s pretty easy and you only have to learn the active ingredients. Because the active ingredients tell you how much protection from the UVA rays you are getting. The UVA rays are the rays that causes the aging (wrinkles)! The SPF number protects you from the UVB rays.

An SPF 30 is good for everyday, but you should really put on higher if you are going to be walking around in the sun a lot or at the beach!
So remember to look at the ingredients because the UVA protection # is not on the front of the bottle like the SPF.

In the U.S.A. one can now buy UVA protection as high as about 19! This is the new sunscreen that was released last summer, by Neutrogena! The Dry-Touch SPF 55 and 70 with the new Helioplex ingredient! However, a UVA protection of 8 is good for everyday, 19 is great, but 8 is good for everyday going to work days. In Europe one can buy up to about 35 UVA protection! It’s interesting that Europe is so far ahead of the U.S. when it comes to sunscreen. At least the U.S. is finally getting better! Of course I can’t say I was waiting around for the U.S. to get better since I didn’t start wearing it everyday until the Neutrogena sunscreen hit the shelves. I guess I just lucked out!
(I will post more about the importance of UVA protection next time!)