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The Great Smell of Whale Vomit in Perfumes!

When buying a perfume what scent are you? Do you go for the musky sexy scent, sweet floral scent, or a fresh light sporty scent?

How about whale vomit? Now, don’t think I went summer crazy, it is true. Fragrance companies actually use whale vomit as a natural ingredient in their perfume mixtures.

Whale vomit is called, "Ambergris or grey amber, is actually bile secreted by sperm whales to help them digest food"(

Ambergris is actually very foul when first found but after a couple years of weathering the elements of the salt, water, and the sun, Ambergris turns into a sweet, musky, and alluring smell.

Amazing isn't it! Whale vomit is actually use to make perfume. It will make you think twice about which perfume you buy this summer won't it?! Actually many frangrance companies are straying away from Ambergris and reverting to chemicals. Chemicals produce by scientiest that have been tested in a lab sound a lot safer than vomit to me.

Although not all companies have stopped using whale vomit. Black for Him by Kenneth Cole and Miss Dior by Christian Dior are amongst the companies that use whale vomit!

Have fun swimming in the ocean this summer and if you see any whale vomit scoop it up apparently you may be able sell it to a factory in France for about $800,000 depending on the lump that you find. Who knew that whale's vomit was a treasure!

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