Pressed Powder to the Rescue on Hot Humid Days

It’s summertime and we are really feeling the heat this summer. It’s time to break out everything that has to do with shine control. When the heat strikes, makeup starts to melt off your face, or you look like a walking shiny mirror, especially when it’s really humid. Well, I found an amazing pressed powder to help fight the shiny days, even for women with extremely oily skin.

First, make sure you are using all the right products to fight the greasies, such as a good light sunscreen, mattifying primer, the right facial products, and the right makeup. Using oil-free products will help your skin to be less oily. However, you don’t always have to use oil-free, sometimes oily skin just needs a skincare product made for sensitive skin. So make the call based on how your skin looks and reacts to a product. Oil blotter sheets are always there if need be, but I hope you will not have to use these sheets anymore at all.

What is the Best Pressed Powder?

Now on to the best pressed powders. Finding the right matte powder for your skin can be difficult, since there are so many powders out there, and because everybody’s skin is different. Now the ladies who have extremely oily skin, such as me, have an even harder time, because usually nothing gives them beautiful matte skin all day long. Perhaps, there is no best one either; it is up to your skin. However, there are some great matte powders nowadays; the makeup industry just gets more and more advanced.

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder

I really love Rimmel’s stay matte powder! It really works on my very oily skin and it is super inexpensive too. I like to use the translucent powder because then I don’t have to worry about finding a powder that matches with my skin tone, but don’t worry they do have many colors to choose from. I also like using the translucent because then when I put bronzer on in the summer, I don’t have to change the pressed powder up to a darker tone. I must admit I didn’t even read the reviews before buying this powder; I just went with my gut. It reminded me of Mac’s Stay Matte powder, except without the high price tag, so I bought it up at around $6. Sometimes you need to go with your instinct and you will have victory, although if it was a dud, I could have easily returned it. This is just another reason why I love buying drugstore makeup.

Revlon Colorstay Pressed Powder

I have read some great reviews on the Revlon Colorstay makeup line, especially their foundation. So I can imagine that this pressed powder would be good as well. I haven’t used this powder, but I have used their Colorstay foundation and I like it. I’ve stopped using it though, so I can’t say too much, but that was only because I really prefer pressed powder foundation. You might want to check out this Colorstay powder, it gets huge raves on the beauty boards.

Mac Blot Powder

Almost everybody loves Mac. I am absolutely in love with their eye shadows. They have such deep, uniquely beautiful colors that last forever; of course I do use a primer too. Anyway, I can image their Mac Bloc pressed powder works really good, since their eye shadows do. And their eye shadows do not even have any of the mattyfying technology either. Okay, back to the powder. I have read tons of positive reviews for this pressed powder. Women love, love this powder. It makes their shiny faces stay matte all day long. They say oily skin gals must have this in their makeup arsenal, especially when it’s hot and humid out. I have not used this Mac powder yet. I know shock and awe right!? Yes, it’s true, I don’t know why though. Okay, so the price tag was a deterrent, but beautiful matte skin is worth it! I think I was on my way to finally buy this powder, when I stumbled upon Rimmel’s Stay Matte Pressed Powder.

I hope you are not feeling too pressed into making a decision one way or another, haha okay, that was a bad pun. There are plenty of other powders on the market, but these three are the top three in my opinion. You can beat shiny skin, you just have to use the right products, makeup, and top it all off with the right pressed powder.